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  1. Will audirvana ever have a (radio play) like roon does where it plays similar song to your last songs?
  2. How do I get hqplayer working with audirvana? Audirvana sounds so much better than roon to me
  3. I'm stuck using optical connection, so 192 is best I can do. Does that change what filters in pcm I should choose to smooth out sound?
  4. OK thanks. So lns15 goes good with rverything. Am I limited to what filter I can have when using optical max 192k upsample? I'd like a filter that brings smoothness and laid back presentation. Buffer speed important? I'll only be using pcm.
  5. What dither and dac bits is best for chord dacs, via optical with upsampling to 192?
  6. I'm forced to use optical with my dac. What do I set dac bits and buffer speed to? 24 dac bits. As optical is 24/192khz? Is it even worth it pushing Tidal/roon to hqplayer for just 24/192k upsample?
  7. How high in upsampling can coax go, is it relatively noise free?
  8. On these dacs is optical or USB from Laptop superior în sound quality?
  9. Is usb from laptop or optic better to dac? As far as sound quality? Or coax? What are their limitations?
  10. Spectrum visualizer in roon/hqplayer just to see which FR range is jumpy?
  11. I got a better idea. As the files I have are just *ok* as I jsut started using convolution files. Do you know of a source that I can try many types to see which I like? And use with hqp
  12. I am used to enjoying convolution filters with roon (no HQP) I see HQP also has an option to use it, but I opened up the convolution settings and my God. It's complicated. It wants all sorts of things... I only have a zipped up file... How do I do this?
  13. The lush 2 does. I've so far tried only the stock, and the alternative stock (as shown in paper) and then a random one. The sound came through more organic. Nothing was muffled. Just smoothed out. Maybe things took a hit on dynamics, but I'm OK with that compromise. I'm just wondering what the lush 3 can do a little better than the lush 2. Its a little pricy for me, hence why I got the lush 2 used. But I may take the plunge if it's 20% *better* as far as taming the highs.
  14. Currently have a Lush 2, just acquired. I enjoy it, it helps shape sound. I'd like to try a configuration with it to tame treble and upper mids spikes. I just want a super smooth treble sound if possible. Can someone recommend a configuration they stumbled upon that archives this? I'd like to see how much the lush 2 can help with treble, before I order a Lush 3 to take things to a new lvl.
  15. Which is the best configuration for the lush 2, with the goal to smooth out the treble as much as possible and not make the sound as shouty? Headphones BTW.? Chord dac.
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