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  1. I'm a bit puzzled by your comments lately Stephane. You are making it look like we don't appreciate ECD for what it is. The opposite is true, I loved the Fractal DAC and now the PD even more. But I don't let science dictate what I hear. You may not hear any difference in your setup, that's all fine with me. But here in Amsterdam that's different. And just stating that it's probably 'biased' listening, or that differences are caused by 'ground loops' due to different setups doesn't cut it for me. As you know I've been listening to all kinds of setups, but my own conclu
  2. You are right, I didn't look close enough. I was comparing those to the pictures hopkins posted a while back, and both looked brownish.. :) My friend had another brand of caps in his PD by the way, so the PD's are not fully consistent.
  3. Yes, that's the scenario, besides using a brand which is known for it's audiophile sound characterisctics, he also uded 1.000uf instead, also due to size restrictions. I'm not technical, but my friend did measurements and took this educated guess based on his extensive experience with these kind of tweaks. He measured only 2v there, so the 16v might already be a bit much in the first place.
  4. I did check a few of your pictures on this, but aparently not the latest ones then :)
  5. Since you went all balistic on your PD, I have a question for you if I may so 🙂 A friend of mine has the PD too and he did a fairly simple mod by exchanging those two huge browns caps on the above picture with well known versions from Elna Silmic ii Gold (Gold = Japanese making). He's quitte shocked by how much the sound changed, actually improved to his opinion. You went through all the trouble of completely modding the PD, have you ever contemplated about doing this type of mod yourself? I have a few of those Japanese Silmic ii on order coming from China
  6. Nice find. But indeed as you already mentioned, this is ancient history if you look at what happened in the meantime. Currently John is stating it should not have an impact anymore. And if I read his technical motivation I can understand the why. But there is just something missing in the whole story, although please don't ask me what, I have no clue. All I know is that the sound coming from my system, with the PD used as DAC, is definitely not insensitive to source material. Batterypacks as power supply for the PD yield different results, as Toslink cables do. Even po
  7. I have been playing around with 2 things lately: Toslink cables and power supplies. It started with the Toslink quest and I have tried multiple ones, from cheap to expensive, and glass fibers vs plastic fibers. All used as interlink between my source and the PD directly. Two things became evident very soon: 1- Toslink cables do have quite an impact on sound 2- I really dislike the expensive glass fiber cabels I ended up with a plastic Qed optical cable in de mid-range price category, because it sounds full bodied, organic and detailed. The cheaper
  8. Luckily we still all agree that the PD is an awesome DAC right? 😇
  9. Yep, just listening, touching nothing. I have it for quite some time, but I do notice it more often now, probably starts to annoy me by now, it's not right.
  10. Speaking of glitches.. Does anybody of you out there experience glitches in the sound from de PD? Mine glitches with 24bit music, quite often lately...
  11. Not to me. It's definitely a direct descendant of the DAC96. It has more bite and more dynamics, better placement. But it did not lose any of the typical ECD sound, it just got more real. If you like the DAC96, you will definitely like the PD better.
  12. You could say that indeed. Even my own experiences do.. I have to admit that I was hesitant about posting what I'm about to post.. You all might start thinking I'm bipolar or something. But after listening to the Bluesound Node exclusively for over a week now I started to become bored.. A bit disappointed even. It sounded good, but I was losing interest in listening. Maybe I was just tired / exhausted of all the comparing, or my mind really wanted to not hear any difference between sources, as Bodiebill rightfully mentioned before. But after attaching the Innuos back a
  13. Both, streaming using Spotify, but also playing local WAV files. The Innuos has an internal HDD, with the Bluesound I use a 256GB USB flashdisk. Forgot to mention it, but please be aware that I use the Node 2i with an external LPS, an Allo Shanti in my case (which feeds both the Node and the PD). This can be done by replacing the the SMPS board in the Node with a custom built solution for less then € 100.
  14. Haha, yes, maybe. But then I'm glad it works now :) That's why I'm now listening to de Bluesound exclusively, and I have to say I'm just glad I don't have the feeling I'm missing out on anything. And I finally have a great UI to work with for streaming as a bonus.
  15. Might be a valid point Stephane. I took care of removing all SMPS's from my chain, but guess what, the Mutec has an SMPS.. :)
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