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  1. Just because you are not able to understand it does not mean that it is technical BS.
  2. I did not say anything about jack reliability in my post. It is not "stupid easy for anyone" to change a jack by the way. You would have to dissassemble the dac and desolder it from the board. If you can do that easy, then you can just as well install a new jack somewhere and connect it with cables to the board. And the powerdac R is NOT a combined DAC/headphone amp, John stated that clearly in the blog.
  3. Yep I would be interested in hearing his feedback when you get it. Meanwhile I'm just guessing: The common 5V 250mA might be actually the same PSU as is delivered for the DA96? The power D/A converter is probably the power resistor ladders, not including the rest of the D/A board. And probably the novel PSU he was talking about is directly associated/integrated with the power D/A circuit and internal of the design.
  4. I read their update now. Good that they confirm they have tested 32 ohm phones successfully. Then we know it will indeed work well for most phones out there.
  5. I am thinking if you are selling a commercial product having a headphone jack, it must work well with all, or at least most of the headphones on the market. Even if you inform on the webpage it will only work for some phones, it might give you badwill and confusion amongst customers when they connect their unsuitable headphones..
  6. Actually with this in mind it does make sense not to have a built in headphone jack.
  7. As I remember it it was 10 steps for the R version and 13 steps for the speaker powerdac.
  8. Agree, and we should keep in mind that this new Powerdac R has around 30 Ohm output impedance so probably it will not work that well with 32 Ohm headphones. In my opinion it is more a normal DAC but with easy-to-drive-headphone compatibility. The better drive capability compared with the current generation fractal dac would still be a nice thing for line level use.
  9. The design reminds me of some B&O products (famous for their designers by the way 😉) https://www.beoworld.org/prod_details.asp?pid=953 Agree that the recessed RCA contacts could be a problem.
  10. Yes the launch of the new products will be very interesting indeed. Personally, since I have electrostatic headphones and active speakers I probably will not benefit much from the new output designs, the part that interests me most is the DAPI, probably a big potential for sound improvement there! It is just incredible how sensitive the USB interface is..for example I recently realized that one can easily hear the difference between 2 usb cables of different length but otherwise identical construction.
  11. Yes it would most likely be a scaled down version of the same principle.
  12. Yes I'm also guessing that it will not be anything simple like a beefy opamp on the output. Although it would still be an innovative product with the new DAPI interface and all.
  13. This is true. The key here will be to have suffciently high speaker sensitivity. I think ECD stated before (if I remember correctly), that output power will be in the 5-10 W range. I wondering if the headphone version DAC is the same principle at all.... it might just be a normal fractal DAC equipped with a headphone capable OP amp output stage. That would make sense. Oh well we will see..
  14. Aha, ok I was thinking about the powerdac for speakers. But it is somewhat confusing indeed.. I wonder if that means that this 'headphone powerdac' will then be the recommended model also for normal line level DAC use, so that there will not be any 'normal' DAC in ECDs next generation of products? I guess we just have to wait and see..
  15. It will for sure have a volume control but you still cannot use it with (or at least it would not make any sense to use it with) active speakers.
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