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  1. I think exactly the same than you tapatrick... If the PowerDAC-S beats the PowerDAC-R with tube amps should be very considered as it litterally avoid any buffer in the Hifi chain. However, I can already say that PowerDAC-R is very good ! It remains to compare PowerDAC-R versus a good preamp...
  2. Great plans you have ! we should be very interested by the results you get at the end of those experiments ! :-)
  3. I completely agree with Stéphane ! The Toslink to USB converter from ECD is just excellent and did not deteriorate (from my little experience with it) the sound quality over a streamer that has a Toslink output integrated. :-)
  4. And your Visa card ! ;-) Admiring their work but being student I will certainly wait for some years (2 or 3) after the launch of the PowerDAC-R as I want to be sure that they have reached effectively the goal they wanted to reach 15 years ago ... I would be very curious if John is able to fill the gap between the R and the S version! It would be very great to delete cables from the chain (and the related losses) and to avoid any « potential improvements » from power amplifiers as it can be always « improvable » ! :-)
  5. I would be agree with that too ! ^^' It was really good at your home !
  6. Sad news.. But I guess it should work great with RCA to XLR cable ! Perhaps should you ask to John if he can book you the first (customer) place when he will launch the PowerDAC?
  7. Hi pusto58, Assuming Hopkins didn’t find any difference in SQ over the different output of the NUC, it seems that it should not be relevant (but may remain interesting) to compare high end vs basic CD player. I personally found that using LMS as player on the RPi4B connected to a NUC used as a NAS through Ethernet was better than : - CD Player - UPL96 and perhaps anything else that is affordable. I am more than confident that you don’t need to have great Hifi streamer as a source, just a RPI4(B) would do perfectly the trick (even though I would love to be
  8. Hi Mevdinc, 1) You will have 15 days to send back the PowerDAC-R when it will be launched (but I think you will not ..) 2) Perhaps should you ask to John what he could do for you (adding a XLR output to your unit? developping Y-cable adapter?) 3) For the little price and the huge quality you have I cannot recommend you more about getting a unit for you ! All the best,
  9. After having listened to the PowerDAC at your home I can say that I follow you on your listenning impressions ! Such a great machine, very versatile and with excellent volume control and PS ! No need for a preamp anymore.. Thanks EC Designs ! It remains the question of the power amps and ultimately : the speakers !
  10. Prem's ! ^^' I can't wait to give tjhe PowerDAC-R a try at your house Stéphane when it will be launched ! :-)
  11. I would say between 6WRMS and 40WRMS for a PowerDAC-R and the addition of a Buffer and a tube. :-) But we have to wait for more precise information from ECD...
  12. Ben75

    More Ellington Gems

    Interesting, thanks!
  13. I perfectly agree wwith you ! "It's nice to read the experiences and opinions of others, that's the main purpose of this Forum, sharing our knowledge and experiences. " That is the problem I was pointing out : Matthias speaks and denigrates things that he has never listened to. I think he should just be respectful and humble. That could help ^^'
  14. A nice video I really liked in the past that totally ruin your "immature" assertion @matthias : Have you ever listened to EC Designs' products? Your presence in this thread should be very modest or not whether you answer yes or not to that question and whethere you bring substantial, respectful and constructive elements to the table... Judging products created by John BROWN (assuming you potentially have never heard any of his creations) that are not already launched should imply from you a minimum of rigor and good manners. Last time : could you stop po
  15. Perfectly agree with you Stéphane! @matthias : Could you stop sending a message every hour that doesn't bring something substantial to the table? Your taste is not like ours and we are speaking about Hifi (something about listening if you remember...) You should write to John and stop polluting this thread please. Be constructive and stop compulsively interact with us in this discussion. Even if the point of selling a DAPI + Fractal DAC in the same box would be nice, deleting the preamp of the audio chain is even better - and the final price of the PowerDAC-R may be
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