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  1. No, I gave up. With or without external PSU, it won't work with Denafrips DAC.
  2. I'm using Terminator with Matrix x-spdif 2. Generally I think Denafrips i2s port is better than USB port, unless you have very clean USB signal. Even though direct from my opticalrendu to Terminator feel a bit more cleaner and lower noise floor but going through Matrix x-spdif 2 I feel the sound soundstage is larger, more holographic and lively.
  3. Acholate

    HQ Player

    What configure should I look for? I'm not really know much about network. All I did was set up a bridge mode and give it a static ip.
  4. Acholate

    HQ Player

    Hi Miska, I need help. HQPlayer desktop won't detect NAA (opticalrendu). I'm using two onboard lan port as bridge mode. I got no problem at all. Last week I changed my router to edgerouter x sfp, and I managed to make it worked for a week. Then yesterday I completely turn off my system and today no matter what I tried HQPlayer won't find NAA. I tried restart everything, reconfigure router setting, reinstall lan ports, turn all firewall off but still won't work. I see NAA in the network and I also can access Sonore sonicorbiter just fine. HQPlayer will still detect NAA if I connect it thro
  5. Hi guys, Recently, I tried to swap out my noisy high performance win10 server to i7 laptop powered by battery. I noticed quite an improvement even though I already have oR as endpoint. So I'm looking to upgrade my music server. I'm curious which is the best way to power a server. 1. ATX LPS (very few options here I think) 2. DC-ATX converter then powered by LPS 3. thin-ITX mainboard that has DC out 19v so directly powered by LPS I'm thinking going with third option here due because I think it is least hassle and cheaper than other options.
  6. Hi, I think you can use HQPlayer or any music player which has loop-back function to play anything from your mac. I'm using HQPlayer with VB-Audio virtual audio cable to play video and youtube. Check these out. https://rogueamoeba.com/loopback/ https://vb-audio.com/Cable/index.htm If you plan to buy DDC then I think you should use it after oR to further enhance the SQ not connect it directly to the mac.
  7. Just found this thread, got very interested then I searched around for a review. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/degoo.com After reading these review, I think Degoo is a scam.
  8. In fact, he think it's best DAC he come across regard any price point. I shouldn't say more than this because it's only for his Patreon. If you want to know exactly what he said, you need to pay $5 and see his comment under gear tier & recommendation list.
  9. Hi Blake, Yes, he didn't say in the video but I'm his Patreon member. He said in Patreon that he prefer Doge 7 over Terminator/TP, but it's just his preference because he like holographic 3D from tube.
  10. Check this out if you like tube sound. The reviewer did give the reward to Pontus as well. But he think Doge 7 is the best DAC he ever heard, even prefer it more than Terminator plus.
  11. I tried every port. My Z490 mainboard only have USB 3.2 & 2.0 ports, but I also tried plugging into USB PCI-E card with USB 3.0 ports, still not working 🙁
  12. I bought Monoprice SlimRun USB-A to USB-A Female 3.0 Extension Cable - Fiber Optic. Connect it to my Denafrips Ares II and also tried with Terminator. Not detected by Windows 10. Other USB devices work fine. Direct connection to PC also work fine. Is it just combability issue and nothing can be done?
  13. I have Ares II and Terminator. There is very clear difference between DSD256 and 44/16. At least I think you should be able to tell that there is volume difference between two. DSD256 clearly play quieter in my system. Maybe there is something wrong in your chain. Did you check Venus front panel? DSD led should be on when playing DSD.
  14. I think Terminator sound great on both PCM and DSD. At first I used DSD256 with sinc-s filter and ASDM7EC modulator. Recently, I upgraded my amplifier to Accustic Arts Power I and my system sound signature has changed. Now I prefer PCM without any upsampling at all. My previous amplifier was Rotel RA1592, which I think it is a bit too bright and lean. My new amp add warmth, colour and body to sound, and when use it with my old DSD setting I think the sound has too much colour. So overall I think it is system dependent. Hope this helps 🙂 My CPU is i7 10700k. I can run every setting
  15. I'm in same position as @Dev, looking forward to comparison between Terminator with Gaia, just TP and TP with Gaia.
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