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  1. Sounds like something is odd. There shouldn't be any difference and if @brightonjelis seeing the same vol then it suggests an issue with @Hish's setup. Just to check, Hish what cables are you using? Are they normal xlr? Not xlr to rca or something?
  2. I originally had level 1, but sold it and upgraded to l2/kte
  3. Hold the power button to turn the dac off. Then, press and hold the 'menu' and 'power' buttons to boot it into configuration menu. Use the keys to navigate to i2s layout config, and change to 'alt1'. There is no confirm/enter action, just set it to alt1, then power dac off again and then on normally
  4. This should be the case for any DAC that can do native DSD conversion including AKM and Burr Brown chips (though not ESS). Though calling it 'NOS' is true in that there is no further oversampling being applied, but also different as DSD is effectively what the result of delta sigma oversampling+Modulation looks like. It's not comparable to NOS PCM if that's what you mean. But why? Why are you quick to assume that those measured differences make no difference? The products sound different do they not? And so therefore something must be different. The most obvious answer
  5. Yeah I was.... Well let's just say not expecting much given some of the performance of agd's other products. But this is sublime. With the mutec they don't have any actual direct jitter measurements there, just a j-test of it feeding a dac. Which can't be directly equated as the dac itself will affect things. You can compare two sources using the same dac for j-testing but can't really use two different ones. If I manage to get my hands on the mutec at any point I'll post some measurements of it though.
  6. The outputs are all from the same amp. It's not separate output stages or anything. The only difference is that xlr-1 doesn't have the load resistors (put on most dacs/preamps outputs to offer protection in the event of a short). If there is a volume difference it'd be something to do with your amp, not the preamp. Do you have another amp you can test with?
  7. I've posted some measurements of the Jitter and noise from the DI-20HE. This thing is seriously impressive and is the best DDC I've seen thus far. https://goldensound.audio/2021/07/22/audio-gd-di20he-measurements/
  8. There definitely shouldn't be any volume difference between XLR-1 and XLR-2 In regards to your old preamp, it'll depend on how much gain your old preamp had. The serene deliberately focuses on attenuation and low level performance, not gain, because with most dacs nowadays you don't need any additional amplification. It can go up to +6dB gain though.
  9. 512+fs isn't an ec modulator. Ec modulators are considered to be the best afaik. Maybe @Miskacan comment but iirc he said that the ec modulators are preferable to the 512+fs ones
  10. The Dave and bricasti m1se are both delta sigma dacs so cannot run NOS
  11. It is for power filtering only. The DAC output stage is direct coupled
  12. Just checked to make sure but yeah it's the same filter: It would be better to just use a filter which had a flatter treble response, rather than using this then trying to compensate with EQ I imagine. For example adding a +24dB shelf in roon which looks like this (if you let me know your exact EQ settings I can replicate them and show you the resulting output and IR): Just makes the FR look like this: IR: No, Delta sigma dacs will use any filter you choose, and will normally have the option of a few 'fast' 'slow' and linear/minpha
  13. But if its doing zoh internally why does it behave differently when fed zoh externally? Is the modulator itself running slower?
  14. The weird thing with the ti/bb chips though is that they show different results when you feed it 44.1khz content and use the 'nos/bitperfect' mode, vs using zero-order hold upsampling to 768khz etc and then feeding that to the dac. Not sure why
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