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  1. I've notified Yamaha a month ago, they don't even take the time to send some kind of acknowledgement. Is there any way to find out more about the status of this issue? Has Qobuz heard from them, perhaps? My alternative is to stream Qobuz content to the WXAD-10 using BubbleUPnP, which does offer browsing and playing of latest releases, so I'm not completely lost, but my faith in Yamaha is rapidly decreasing.
  2. Hello, first time poster here. This sure seems to be a forum with a lot of knowledgeable people, so I hope someone can shed a light on the following issue. In one of my rooms, I'm streaming Qobuz content on a Yamaha WXAD-10, using the Yamaha MusicCast app on Android. This used to work 100% fine, but since a week or so I have the following issue. In the MusicCast app, when I browse to Qobuz > Discover > All Genres (or any subgenre) -> New Releases (or any other choice), the albums that show up are all greyed out and cannot be selected for streaming. If I use the Search option instead and search for any of these albums greyed out in the view mentioned, it shows up normally and I can stream it. I've tried a full factory reset of the WXAD-10, tried the app on another phone (also Android), both to no avail. I don't know if there's someone else with such a setup who can check if he/she has the same issue? I really like the overview and easy way Qobuz lets me see and listen to new releases, so this is a bit of an inconvenience for me. Any ideas appreciated!
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