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  1. Thanks a lot @jabbr for your answer! Thanks for this hint! I will make sure it runs NAA/RAAT. I meant router. The idea behind is that I stream Tidal and have a FTTH connection. So I am aiming for the longest possible fiber connection... Maybe a stupid question: is it possible to connect the FTTH fiber transceiver to my 10GBe fiber switch (Mikrotik, no special coding required) instead of the router WAN? How would the connection between router and switch then look like (WAN/LAN) and what kind of routings would need to be made for this? My ISP requires an
  2. Hi @jabbr et al, I am looking into upgrading my audio chain including the optimization of my home network for audio. I found this thread super helpful but still have some questions left. Some background information: I exclusively stream music via Tidal hifi I have a 1Gbit/s synch. SFP based fiber connection (FTTH) I am in the build of a DIY HQP server w/ SFP+ network card I use a QNAP TVS-672n NAS @i7-8700T, 32GB ram w/ SFP+ network card // this is meant to run Roon core as HQP control in the future I am investigating AES67 DACs (RJ45 or b
  3. Markus87

    HQ Player

    Hi @Miska, I am planning my new HQP server right now. I will take the i9-10900K but was wondering whether it makes sense to choose the KF version over the K? As I figured the only difference is that the KF does not have an iGPU, correct? As I will pick an RTX 2080 Ti anyways, that should not be a problem and might even be an advantage in terms of noise... What do you think? Cheers, Markus
  4. Hi @jabbr, In the posts above you mentioned two different Finisar model numbers FTLX1471D3BCV & FTLX1475D3BCV I was trying to figure the difference but the specs look almost identical. Both should be 1G/10G dual mode compliant. Is there a relevant difference between both? Which do you use? Would you recommend one over the other? Cheers, Markus
  5. Markus87

    HQ Player

    Hi @Miska et al, I am currently looking into the power supply concept for my upcoming CAS. Would love to power as much as possible w/ LPSs. I was wondering how much power the RTX2080 TI may consume for heavy HQP usage (offloading filters - worst case sync L - and up to 8 channel convolution). Will this type of processing be similarly "heavy" as rendering? Any experience with power consumption? Would an LPS for this GPU be possible/make sense at all? Cheers, Markus
  6. Markus87

    HQ Player

    Hi @Miska Thanks for your reply! On GPU side I will go with RTX2080 TI. After reading various threads, I am still debating on which CPU would be the best for my purpose: - i9 10900K (10c, 3.7GHz base, no AVX512) - W2245 (8c, 3.9GHz base, AVX512) - W2225 (4c, 4.1GHz base, AVX512) I am not super keen on OC'ing. The machine will be used for music playback only. Primarily HQP, maybe additionally as Roon core which however could also run on my i7 powered NAS - I'll try what proves better. Any thoughts on pros and cons here? As this i
  7. Markus87

    HQ Player

    Hi Jussi et al, I am looking into an upgrade of my system that would comprise the following: - 2.1 system w/ active speakers and subwoofer (total of 5 channels) - 8 channel dac/pre based on AKM AK4499EQ - active XO and room correction using Acourate FIR filters - roon as frontend to HQP which should do the convolution and upsampling to 44.1k DSD256 ext2 5/7EC and 48k DSD256 ext2 5/7EC for all 5 (to be future proof 7 channels) Do you have experience with the AK4499 - would ASDM5EC or ASDM7EC be better? Which hardware would I need? i9 9900K (or
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