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  1. Its extremely "bizzare" to be attacked by the owner of a forum for simply stating my personal experience. I never said I was smarter than all or any manufacturers. There are certain things that manufacturers do not bother to do inside their products that would be too labor intensive that I know how to do, and can implement and improve upon. And yes, in my decades of experiments I'm sure I have learned some things that very few if any have also discovered. When a worthwhile, creative, funny, knowledgeable interesting person joins your mostly rather boring forum, do you harass them instead of be
  2. That could be useful info if I ever try that route in the future. I am always modding my CD players, including the analog stage. When I take a CD player to a high end shop and have them hook it up to hear an amp or speakers, they always want to look inside my player after. My ideas are in there though. I once told a dealer if you let me take out the midrange driver of that over $100,000 speaker (very well known high end brand) and let me see the driver make and model on back of the magnet, I'll let you look inside my CD player. The midrange was a $260 driver, from a European driver manufacture
  3. Buying those cds you mention will be a priority. I always like to experience something new. Thanks.
  4. Maybe it was a slight sarcasm to say "bow to the king" after he first suggested that I and everyone else on here throw our CD players out the window if we are truly dedicated to sound and the only way to listen is the way he listens. I do respect that the forum tries to be non combative. You can hardly look at a thread on Audiogon without someone at someone else's throat. The thing I like about CD players is that I know that however good my sound is now, its the greatest bet in the world that my sound will be even better next month, and the month after that, and the month after t
  5. PART 2 OF INTERVIEW WITH RETIRED CLOWN AUDIOPHILE. This all happened yesterday and I am going from my notes. Will have to space this out because of time demands. DIGI: As I recall the song is the last track on side one. There's a line where he sings "God save the human cannonball." LARRY: That's really fitting. That's nice. Maybe he's looking down on us right now. DIGI: Your sound is really very realistic. I think it was reallysmart to let your speakers hang down so that they aren't too close to the ceiling, as they could pick up coloration a
  6. Re: SJK. I guess according to your thoughts no one on here has CD sound as good as your sound. Lets bow to the king. You have proven many times foolishly that you are not the logic king.
  7. The guy I wrote about earlier, who sets up his CD player outside on his porch for isolation, I found outside doing some grilling. With all the smoke generated. I didn't even have to ask; the CD player was fully covered by a small tarp. He agreed to do an interview. This is Part 1. Digi: Thanks for agreeing to this interview. You have some barbecue sauce on your nose... It looks like you got it now. I mentioned in a post this morning your radical strategy of CD player porch isolation. Larry: I couldnn't imagine anyone having their CD player in the same room with all tha
  8. I can think of a guy who wouldn't even think of having his CD payer in the same room as vibration producing loudspeakers. He has a long interconnect carefully going from his amplifier, out his window to his CD player situated and isolated on his porch. Whenever he wants to put on a new CD, he comes out his door and walks across his porch to his CD player and puts another selection on. Right before he had a company install an iron gate, he had an UN-Welcome mat at the foot of his porch steps which read "Make like a tree and leave." I think it glowed in the dark too. Worst conditi
  9. Technicalities aside, I wonder how important some of those things are if someone would play cds like that on equipment that truly adds nothing objectionable of its own to the sound. Or those who go to the effort of a pre-play ritual like audiophiles, before they actually lower the stylus onto a piece of vinyl. Years ago it used to be that it was rare when I liked the sound of a CD; now its rare when I don't like the sound of a CD. At least fairly rare. There's a couple handfuls of things that improve the sound between 6 to 8% each. It adds up to a new listening experience. In the end, distorti
  10. I remember years ago, it taking many months to get my PS preamp back from factory servicing. I had to listen to my tape deck connected directly to my power amp for a long time. It was Winter (and then Spring).
  11. If I remember correctly, Paul McGowans numbers show he has more video followers than just about anyone else; probably multitudes of people from on here too. He helps a lot of people understand things concerning audio. He's nice enough to answer a lot of peoples questions from around the world, and he's very successfull, lives a great full life and doesn't have to worry where his next ten million is coming from.
  12. Frank Van Alstine's turntable is supposedly a Harman Kardon T-25. From 1980s. Vintage but good.
  13. First how about pointing out where I supposedly said that yesterdays equipment was better than current gear. I said "certain" equipment from long ago is still better than most of today's equipment, like Quad 57, KLH 9, etc. As I said, Harry Pearson (and everybody knows he had "ears") Harry said in print that Quad 57's within their limits sound more like music than the over $100,000 Infinity IRS, which he also owned. Let's put it this way, do you think a lot of speakers today would beat the IRS? What % of them would beat it? 10%, 1%, 0.1%. Now we might be getting a little more realistic.
  14. Some simple songs with great melodies that come to mind: Classical Gas-Mason Williams Crystal Blue Persuasion-Shondells Do You Know The Way To San Jose? - Dionne Warwick Wichita Lineman-Glen Campbell Turn, Turn, Turn-The Byrds Greensleeves-Traditional
  15. Yeah. I saw some video reviews of some of these amps, but by cheap I thought you meant really cheap. An old acquaintance of mine said he remembered Dynakit tube amp kits being closed out on sale for $35 back in the 1960s. That would be only a few hundred dollars now. I will re-visit my ST-35 some day. The last time I heard it, I thought it didn't have that purity which tickles you on every note, that I like, but smooth tonally and what a sense of space, and I couldn't get over how it had more bass punch with less than 20 tube Watts per channel than the over 100 watt per channel transistor amp
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