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  1. The OR has been running non-stop for almost 3 days. It seems to settle in. It sounds natural and live. There are already many good reviews, but I want to mention that it does really well in timing and coherence (PRaT) 👍. Indeed, there are many high price tags don't time very well! The SGC 7V 50W LPS is a very capable LPS. I don’t have other PS to compare, but from my experience if a LPS is not a good match, the obvious drawbacks are dynamic and timing. As I am listening, I don’t feel it makes the OR sounds like compressed MP3 in any way. Can’t wait to see how the Sonore PS performs.
  2. The combo finally arrived. The 5V LPS is not working, so I need to use the LPS-1 on the OM. Andrew will send me another 5V, really appreciate that! The system is ROON NUC > OM(LPS-1) > OR(SGC PS) > M Scaler & Dave > Naim > Harbeth SHL5+ Initial feeling, as others reported, the background is quieter with lower noise floor, the sound is focus and clean; things seems sharper and more air. I can understand why some said it is a bit harsh, particularly with some bright system or speaker with high treble energy like the PMC or KUDOS. It needs some time to burn in. It is a great product, thanks Sonore! I ordered the Sonore LPS this morning, and hope it can release more of the OR’s potential. Would like to confirm: The plug size of the DC cable is 2.1mm to 2.1mm? and I remember Barrows said the shorter the better?
  3. Thanks for the reply Vortecjr! The combo is supposed to arrive today, unfortunately due to the priority of medical delivery, I still have to wait for few days!! will keep posting...
  4. Thanks Charles and Barrows! I read the Sonore PS thread. It seems the Sonore PS is the perfect match with the OR. let's see how the OR/OM/SGC combo performs, and see what options are best to maximize its performance. Can the Sonore PS use the DC cable comes with SGC, or need to buy the DC4 cable ?
  5. Hi all, I am new to the forum. I will have the OpticulRendu & Optical Module combo in few days. I have some questions and hope to get some advices from you guys. I will have the SGC LPS with the combo, and can't wait to see how's the combo perform. I understand the power supply has a great impact on the OR. I've seen many good comments about the SBooster LPS to the Ultrarendu, so thinking to get one to try on the OR, but not sure about the Voltage. A member @Kevin Nguyen has purchased one, and @vortecjr advised not to use 5V with OR. I couldn’t find Opticalrendu on the SBooster compatible list, but found the one for UltraRendu which is 9v, and with the Sbooster Ultra (special for UltraRendu) plug in, it downs to 7.5v. Is this the right one for OR \ will it run too hot? https://www.sbooster.com/botw-pp-eco-9-10v/sonore-ultra-rendu I have been using the ISO Regen with LPS-1 for years. It’s fantastic and has great improvement over USB output. Could the OR be benefited \ further improved by the ISO Regen, or it will complicate things up or do a duplicated jobs? If the ISO Regen is not needed, can I use the LPS-1 to power the OR? I can’t remember where someone suggested the LPS-1 is not suitable to power the OR. Many thanks!
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