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  1. Question: Watching some reviews on youtube. I often here them say that this speaker is easy to drive and that speaker is not. How would I know looking at the specs of speakers that I'm interested in?
  2. Hi.. someone is selling this used (2018 purchased). Around $200. Is this a good buy? and how hows the quality ?
  3. Wow! It's like an atm machine... I hope I can experience the sound in person.
  4. Wow.. really? Interesting... That's the first speaker I wanted to buy before I researching bout this audiophile hobby.
  5. I know this is subjective, the best to one person may not be the case to others. Just curious, what is the best speakers, amp, dac.. you've bought so far? Care to share why?
  6. Agree... hope I can have a setup like yours in the future.
  7. Seem like the 3D is more enticing to me. Those setup are brand/model specific ? Or it applies to all depends on positioning?
  8. I'm learning a lot from you guys. For some reason, i still prefer forums over youtube. Coz here, you can ask questions with very good answer.
  9. May I know why ? In relation to this, I have more questions. - It seem to me that an active speakers is more convenient ? - Can i still put powered speakers on AMP/DAC ? - there are speakers with built in amp/dac , will the external amp/dac override it ? add? or vice versa?
  10. I think what plissken suggested is the right way to start for plain music listening. I honestly get his point. A jump start for an expensive journey. Actually, now I realized that there should be 2 set of systems. One, for personal, this will be put in the room ( a "bat cave" or "sanctuary" as my friend calls it"). - (Bluesman suggestion) Two, living room, for family and friends to enjoy. - (Plissken suggestion).
  11. Thank you. In my opinion, this is a great starting point for my situation. Gamer,streamer,multi-media mixed purposes. Will I enjoy this? For a tight budget.. I should! haha... Been thinking for months of better audio and decided to start with a "budget" to begin with. Plan is, start slowly but surely. I can spend more and more.. over the budget.. yes? But as a father of two... the more I can save, the better. Savings = happy wife. Haha! Just to give a brief background, I've been to photography since digital age started. First as a hobby then eventually trans
  12. Hi thanks.. Is this the one you're pertaining ? ELAC I appreciate the suggestions.
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