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  1. <removed reported post> These Buffalo switches may be available from Japan and within the US, but they are rare indeed in Europe! Do you recommend the Buffalo BS-GU2016 unmanaged switch as an alternative please?
  2. I am using a Sablon Audio 75 Ohm BNC clock cable to connect an output from my Mutec Ref 10 SE-120 to the EtherREGEN, which is powered from one 12v rail of a Coherent Systems QP-1 LPSU. The Sablon Audio clock cable is superb value at around the $500 mark. I also use Sablon Audio Panatela Reserva ethernet cables from router to EtherREGEN 'A' side and from 'B' side to dCS Vivaldi full stack! Sablon Audio's entire range of cables are hugely impressive and great value for money (I also use the 2020 USB cable in my system)!
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