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  1. I've had good experiences with Oyaide in the past and decided to go with the AS-808B V2 BNC cable to test with the BG7TBL. Cable Company doesn't stock this, so bought from an eBay store for $90 CAD shipped. The silver DB-510 seems fairly well received and also good value. If the BG7TBL works out, but the copper cable makes it too dark, I'll test the DB-510 afterwards. Another low cost option that came up in some old threads is the Canare 12G-SDI, $27 USD. If for some reason the Oyaide copper is bright, I'll give this one a try. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1338226-REG/canare_cal55cuhd003_12g_sdi_4k_uhd_single_channel_bnc_cable.html
  2. Thanks MartinT, I went ahead and placed an order and requested DAPU/75 ohm. Really appreciate your insights, this will be fun to try! jamesg11, the original link still works: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000152539910.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.795e4c4dGTiyce First time ordering from that site. They didn't accept PayPal for Canadian addresses, but their system does use the extra layer of mastercard verification. There is an 'add a message' section on the order form where you can put in a note for DAPU/75 ohm. I also messaged the seller afterwards with the order number and the DAPU/75 ohm request. I'll report back once I get the item, might be a while.
  3. Lot's of great insight in this thread, many thanks I learned a lot. The BG7TBL/DAPU clock is a very interesting solution. We'd have some control over the sound because we have an assortment of power supplies that we can use to match the needs of our systems. I messaged the fellow HamRadioshop on the original aliexpress link days ago. He got back to me today and said that he can make a 75 ohm version! So cost would be $125 unit + $475 for say an sbooster mkii, so $600 CAD. Not bad. I wish the LPS 1.2 had the power, but the JS-2 would be the ideal PSU I'd imagine (power both the eR and clock with it). I've had the $99 ifi 12v plug providing 18watts without issue to my NAS, so one could potentially get away with that for experimentation. Teac 10m. This has only 50 ohm outputs. Inside, the transformer is quite small. Beautiful casing, and I'm sure it will last. A simple comparison is here: https://dime.jp/genre/604669/ (use Chrome for auto-translate). There's a ton of foreign reviews. It seems that it can improve imaging and soundstaging as expected by a clock but only to an extent. Teac Direct on eBay has a few open box clocks. They are taking offers. To get this to work Cybershaft has a 75 ohm to 50 ohm adapter that would connect to the eR. They also have 2 50 ohm cable options, both very reasonable cost. The review above reviews the basic cable, and they seem to have liked it. Almost all reviews are with the associated Teac dac, or a Esoteric. There's a youtube review with before/after audio footage. I don't hear that big of a change. Same reviewer has before/after with the Bonn N8, much bigger change. Cost (CAD) $1400 open box + $150 for cybershaft accessories. I think this would be worth it if my dac could use the external clock as well. From what I gather, cascading a second eR would likely have a greater effect or a Farad power supply with a reasonable cable at much less cost. Cybershaft Op-14. Prices have gone up a lot over the last two years. Now about the same as Teac retail. The review says it provides more than the Teac but sounds sharp. Inside looks to be an R core transformer. The clock itself is shielded but looks to be a Chinese 4G clock as well. Big capacitors near the clock must help, but I do wonder if we give the BG7TBL/DAPU clock a mid or top range power supply how close it would get to the low range Cybershaft solution. Mutec - sounds like it has the right sound qualities for my taste. With that price though, I'd wait for the Uptone ClockRegen. I might just hop on MartinT's bandwagon and go with the BG7TBL/DAPU clock with 75 ohm terminals for now. Entry level 75 ohm BNC cables actually seem reasonably priced. 1m Wireworld's Chroma is only $30 USD, Starlight 8 $100, Cardas Parsec $140. I'd really like to know: - How hot does the BG7TBL get? Does it need a lot of ventilation? - Does it increase sibilance, harshness, or make the sound forward? Any change to warmth, or the treble/bass balance of the sound?
  4. I have two svelte shelves: First - Sits on a VTI stand (thin MDF), Cerapucs in between, Directstream Jr. on top. The shelf gives a "stillpoints ultra ss" kind of effect with expansive soundstage, better imaging, etc. It doesn't give the ultra fast speed that stillpoints would, but it is balanced from top to bottom and the bass is equally effected as the top. Also tried it on a glass shelf before - even bigger difference, a must have. Second - RSA Haley sits on it with HRS pucks - no metal contact. I hear the same differences, just not the the extent as above. I have numerous small Entreq ground boxes (made of wood), with BDR puck stack (mk4 puck, large puck, mk3 puck) underneath. I can hear the change in warmth reversing the order. This configuration helps refine the BDR sound by improving focus and soundstage. I need BDR somewhere because this particular stack gives a very natural vinyl like bass signature. The Entreq boxes had improved performance sitting on the Svelte with it's wooden feet and also the Herbies "baby" footers, but the BDR is much better. Personally, I haven't yet experienced an issue with putting stuff of any material on the Svelte shelf. The biggest improvement was with the metal cerapucs, but my system can't handle that sound character everywhere. Matching the right footer to component in my opinion is more important than maximizing the Svelte by metal to metal contact. On the PowerBase I have many items with stock feet, Sbooster MKII, Keces P3, TP-link FMC. Tried putting Nordost BC Kones and the herbies "baby" footers, but this shelf is strange, everything sounds solid, focused, powerful just being placed directly on top. I'm on the next eR batch. I intend on simply placing it on the second Svelte shelf that's close to the dac. Given heat, light weight, potentially heavy cables tilting the eR, I'm uncertain if I'm going to put footers on or dampen. I can try on the svelte shelf, off the svelte shelf and report on the difference later in July. I believe earlier in this thread it was mentioned that Synergistic MiGs made a positive difference, I might give this a shot as well.
  5. Time Left: 10 days and 20 hours

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    Looking for a 1.5m Shunyata Ethernet cable. Thanks!


  6. Wanted: Shunyata Delta Ethernet View Classified Looking for a 1.5m Shunyata Ethernet cable. Thanks! Seller audiotunesx Date 06/26/20 Price Category Cables  
  7. Glad to see grounding is also working magic in your setup! I haven't tried those brands, but they do look good. I was surprised that all the network gear has responded well. In the closet, one Entreq Infinity silver box handles the router, nas and fmc at the same time which helps with the cost (the entry ground cable works well). The K2/Everest stabilizer adds an extra kick of energy and realism (similar to the GTX NCF, but without the analytical sonic signature). The level of improvement from grounding is on par to providing the 3 devices with linear power from the Keces/Sbooster PSUs. I agree, so far it really does seem every digital device needs that secondary ground drain even if the power has conditioning. I'll report back next month when I have the eR on how well it responds to the ground box - awesome that it has a ground screw. I don't have an external clock to experiment with, so I strongly encourage the design of a ClockREGEN!
  8. Thanks Blake, great insight! This clears a lot up and I'll give an LPS 1.2 a shot. I don't think footers should be off-topic. Once a system has sufficient resolution it get's really important as well. Having so much network related devices I've kind of cheated. For the closet I have a PS Audio PowerBase (Blue Circle FX2 connected for distribution). I was super surprised at how well it isolates. No change in tone, solid bass and imaging, plus great sound stage - kind of Cerapuc like but laid back. A lot of equipment fits on it and adding Nordost BC Kones in between it and equipment didn't improve the sound. Outside of the closet, the Symposium Svelte Shelf does a good job as well. In it's case, HRS footers and Cerapucs do work well in between equipment. For some applications the smallest HRS damping plate can help, especially on light devices in which the cables are lifting them up a little. Another experiment I'll report on is the effect of adding a ground box - Entreq Silver Minimus Infinity with their RJ45 copper or discover ground cables. So far it's been marvelous for the router and nas. It made the biggest difference on the TP-link FMC (using a spade ground between chassis gap). Takes away a lot of digital glare, improves timbre, resolution and soundstage. Hopefully, the eR benefits as well.
  9. Thanks Blake! I'm on the next batch and have been curious of what to power the eR with. It seems unanimous that the Farad is a good choice. Would you also say that it is smoother, less forward or brings ease to the sound? That's what I'm targeting. On random network gear I'd say the Sbooster MKII provides that and is very organic sounding, but limited in dynamics. It does something right on the bass, kind of like vinyl. The Keces P3 is an exceptional value, similar to Sbooster but trades a bit of sweetness for dynamics/soundstage. I suspect neither is a match for the eR and see some debate on the LPS1.2 (though I like the idea of this). I don't have much to contribute to this topic at this time, but will respond with some experiments next month: a) Cascade Bonn N8 and eR b) Cable shootout: Supra, Cardas, Wireworld Starlight, Linkup CAT8. The new Sablon looks good too, but will need funds for the Farad first.
  10. Thanks! I'm trying to avoid overspending on PC as well. Keces P3 was actually more sensitive to fuse change than the PC. Sbooster MKII did benefit from an SR Blue as well, but not to the same extent. I've gotten good results with these cords on digital: Cardas Clear M, Purist Audio Aquila (built for digital applications) and DIY (Oyaide Black Mamba v2 with Oyaide 079 ends). Oyaide is rich and warm with those connectors, a little too/dark laid back but nice smooth sounding. Cardas brings a lighter tone, great resolution and some sparkle on the top. Purist is just right with soundstage, dynamics, bass and accurate timbre (MSRP is high but e-mailing dealers to see if they have any specials is a good idea). The receptacle also has quite an effect. I like Furutech GTX gold for digital. NCF version is very high resolution and very strong on bass. Just felt the sound was a bit dry/analytical for digital.
  11. Thanks for providing your findings on the Farad. If a regular power cord is used like Uptone's do you think the Farad would still provide a good benefit over the the stock Uptone SMPS?
  12. Time Left: 26 days and 9 hours

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    Looking for an Audio Magic Ultimate Fuse (1 or 1.25 amp, small, slow blow). Or AM Ultimate Premier or SR Orange. Thanks!


  13. WTB: Audio Magic Ultimate Fuse (1 or 1.25a) View Classified Looking for an Audio Magic Ultimate Fuse (1 or 1.25 amp, small, slow blow). Thanks! Seller audiotunesx Date 06/11/20 Price Category Accessories  
  14. Looking for a Cardas Clear CAT7 ethernet cable, 1.5m. Thanks!
  15. Looking for a Silent Angel Bonn N8 switch. Thanks!
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