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  1. First | Kohsuke Mine | BBE (bandcamp.com) This was a surprise. I received this today. I don't think it was a TBM release but the "Second" album is one. Double 45 rpm vinyl or cd or download.
  2. I just imagine being transported to a small Japanese bar where the local band is doing it's best to play American songs. A little goes a long way though.
  3. I had the same issue. Check my 12/11/post. Finally went to Paypal who didn't receive a response either. Eventually they showed up close to two months later.
  4. Oddly, I just received a DHL notice that my DiscsJapan order is being delivered next week after all. I guess I will have to reverse engineer the refund. I had just but some of the titles from a different source but I can always sell the duplicates. They are in demand.
  5. Actually the titles were to backfill some of the earlier releases from this year and 2019. Really weird that they would not comment in any way (waiting for one title, partial shipment, etc.)after 3 emails. Never did hear from them even during the refund process.
  6. What!? Where? I checked Disk Union and Discs Japan and didn't see the 11th release yet. The 10th release has been available for order on Discs Japan for a little while (links in the original post). My bad. I was quoting Dusty Groove. They had 4 titles with estimated delivery on 12/10. Poppy, Blues, Blues, Blues, etc. Probably from the last batch. BTW, I ordered 7 titles from Discs Japan in early November and ended up getting a refund yesterday. I kept checking status through the website with only an "Awaiting Fulfillment" message and no responses to emails weeks 3 and 4 through the
  7. Kevin Gray can do no wrong in my book. Best at his job today. I think they sound better (and in a nicer package) but they also cost more than twice as much. You can also find SACDs of these and pull out the DSD stream if that floats your boat. :-) Weren't more 1500 series titles released yesterday?
  8. I have had no problems once I got it up and working. I think my problem was getting it to handshake with my Denafrips DAC. Once I finally got that done, it has been smooth sailing. You might give it another try. May at SOtM was helpful getting my problem solved.
  9. Here's my take: Midnight Sugar - more like drinking bourbon at 2am. Moon Ray - solid group work Coco's Blues - great jazz guitar Mari Nakamoto III - female vocal jazz. Georgia On My Mind with the slight Japanese accent is great. Kazumi Watanabe's guitar on I Only Have Eyes For You is insanely good. Summertime (or any other Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio album) - They are all great. Pick your favorite song title. Star Dust is my least favorite because I think the strings sweeten it too much
  10. I also want to thank everyone who's into this label. For many years I felt like I was alone on an island buying these albums. Not even the record store owners around here (Dallas) seemed to know what I was talking about.
  11. I can't wait to hear it. Sounds like you know your Coltrane too. Naimi btw was his first wife's name. I would joke that the original version is romantic then later versions progress more and more off the rails (like my first wife) but that may not be pc. :-) Don't want to project that onto other people. I like the earlier stuff best but I can dig the later stuff. I started out collecting Blue Note 4000's, then 1500's, etc. Bought Midnight Sugar about 20 years ago and now I am on the TBM train. Haven't heard a bad one yet.
  12. Thanks for the recommendations to both of you. Good as bought. Dusty Groove has it on vinyl but is out of stock on cd. Not sure about the, "it includes "Naimi" from Giant Steps which is a Coltrane tune that they take up a notch" remark. Can that be done? Them's fighting words for a Coltrane fan like me, haha. Just kidding. Tall praise especially if you note the band around him.
  13. That will keep you busy this weekend. Please let me know about that George Otsuka Physical Structure album. I really like the Go On and Page 2 (non-TBM) albums. I'm hoping that they will continue the series. The TBM book has color pictures of all the albums and there are some that look great based on the album covers.
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