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  1. So the U1 Mini + S Booster finally found a new home, I though I would use it on my secondary rig but after getting used to the U1, there’s no way back to the Mini. I’ve upgraded the power supply on my the U1 to the X1 power supply and the leap was once again drastic, the noise floor dropped and as a result, the background became darker which in turn made the stage wider and more cavernous, the bass became tighter and dug deeper, very well controlled, refined and life like midrange and treble. One noticeable thing with these improvements is that it feels like I can play the same tracks way
  2. I’m one of the guys who was actually curious about this comparison (U1 vs U1 Mini+S Booster). I have both units and I thought it would be useful to share my experience with the to help potential buyers. I can safely say to just don’t bother with the U1 Mini, if you have the funds just go for the big brother U1. The difference is so noticeable that it’s not even worth comparing them, the U1 is simply better - better resolution and clarity, wider and deeper stage, blacker background, greater instrument separation, greater refinement...in a nutshell I would say that the U1 makes the U1
  3. Chris, I would love to hear your impressions of the JotR driving the SR1a. I’m eager to hear your thoughts and how you compare the SR1a performance from a relatively direct drive amp vs some your expensive speaker amps (Both tube and SS) + interface box setups. PS. I’m sure that you know this but I’ll just remind you anyways to not forget to turn the baffle compensation ON to compensate for the open design of the SR1a to properly reproduce the entire frequency response spectrum (very noticeably in the low and high registers of the frequency response).
  4. I would like to correct my post, I paid $210 for the 6ft extension cable plus shipping.
  5. My advice would be to save the $$ of the speaker cable and buy RAAL-requisite’a own direct drive amp for the SR1a and get an extension cable. The performance that you get from the HSA-1a plus the versatility (ability to drive both types of ribbon headphones, normal headphones with both low and high efficiency plus speakers) is just hard to beat. For one to get that kind of performance from a speaker amp+interface box, one would probably need a $20k+ amp. This is just my suggestion based on my experience with a few speaker amps and two direct drive amps.
  6. I got a 6ft extension from RAAL for $299 plus shipping, the total length is about 11ft now. The extension was well worthy for my needs.
  7. Yes, Danny and Alex modified the unit to be more versatile. The unit on the website has two ribbon headphone outputs, the modified unit has regular 4-pin XLR female output for high efficiency headphones and a ribbon headphone output capable of driving both Earfield ribbon headphones and circumaural (to be released sometime in the future) and it comes with a 4-pin XLR female to female adapter for low efficiency headphones like the Susvara to be driven from the ribbon headphone output.
  8. A forum lurker and posting for the first time. Great review Chris, the SR1a deserves all the accolades in your review plus more. I’ve had them almost since they were made available in the US, drove them using a single Vidar, a single and dual SPL Performer s800 monoblocks, the Jotunheim R and was astonished by all the combos, the SPL Performer being the one that brought the most joy to my ears. Now I’m driving them using RAAL-requisite’s own direct drive amp, the HSA-1a and it turns the SR1a up to 11 or even 13 (yes, 13) I should say. It brings that sweet warmth, more body an
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