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  1. Anecdotally, if you truly think a good DC cable doesn't make a difference over the cheap ones supplied, then either your system lacks resolution or you're not listening very carefully. They do make a difference. Try listening to one against the other.
  2. All SR fuses generally lose some edge and deepen and widen their soundstage with improvement in the presence region. I have a mixture of Orange, Blue and Red in my system, all good in different ways.
  3. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM MINI-CIRCUITS UK I have received a plea from a very nice lady at Mini-Circuits UK to reiterate on this forum the correct parts to order. They have received several returns from people who have ordered the incorrect item and are now returning them. BLP-10.7+ (11MHz 50Ω) is a catalogue item - please order from the website here: Mini-Circuits BLP-10.7-75+ (11MHz 75Ω) is a non-catalogue item - please contact [email protected] who will be able to help you May I just add that I have had excellent service from Mini-Circuits,
  4. The Mutec does a different job. Rather than reclock ethernet (which is good), it reclocks USB from the Sonore ultraRendu and standards converts it to AES for the DAC. Sounds much better than running USB directly into the DAC. The two work hand in hand to give a much better sound than either running on its own.
  5. My LKS DAC has a Coherent femtoclock inside. What you're trying to avoid is getting phase noise and jitter into the input of the DAC, where the noise does most damage to the music.
  6. I can answer this in a modified way. Are two reclockers better than one? You bet, absolute no-brainer. ER and Mutec are a fantastic combination.
  7. I received my second Mini-Circuits BLP-10.7-75+ just earlier today. It's now in circuit from clock to EtherREGEN. Both reclockers are fed from 10MHz sinewave outputs via Belden 4694R cables into the 11MHz filters. I wondered if a second one could possibly be audible but it is. With both filters in place, the sound is incredibly delicate when it comes to tiny details. Cymbal strikes, shimmer and decay are to die for. Complex mixed vocals can be better picked out. Percussion strikes are startling. The sense of timing is very tight with great boogie factor. The whole presentation fl
  8. I bought the first one from AliExpress. I have another coming from Mini-Circuits UK.
  9. I can only speak for myself, but the addition of the Mini-Circuits filter to sinewave clock into my Mutec was not subtle. It's the biggest jump in sound quality of any tweaks I have done in the last few months. I have another one arriving soon. It will feed the ER. I guess the effect will be smaller but, even so, any uplift now will be just icing on the cake. I'm a terrible poet, anyway!
  10. Try Paul Simon's One Trick Pony or Graceland. Good tests for sibilance.
  11. Since the filter was proposed by @JohnSwenson, I naturally put it in circuit to the EtherREGEN, feeding it cleaned sinewave and leaving the squarewave feeding the Mutec. There was a small improvement in low level clarity and soundstage atmosphere. Using Why Don’t You Try Me from Ry Cooder’s Borderline album, the opening is very low level with plucked acoustic guitar accompanied by a bass line. Superb for evaluating subtle changes. The filter sounded worth the £43 I had paid. Then I thought about things some more, remembering that the Mutec is the last stage before my DAC and theref
  12. I second @Clockmeister recommendation to own a good DVM - I have two, because sometimes I want to measure two things at once. If they can read resistance and capacitance, all the better. Sadly, my oscilloscope is old and only 20MHz bandwidth, so not good enough to see a 10MHz squarewave without distortion.
  13. As close to your DAC as you can get it. In my case, the Mutec (fed by the OCXO) is just before the DAC, connected with a very short AES cable, and gives it the best possible signal to work with.
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