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  1. I've already tested splitting the Emperor clock using a Mini-Circuits splitter and feeding 10MHz into the Gustard. It's very good, but then the Gustard's K2 internal clock is also very good. I think the AD wins but there is very little in it. The router is on the P10 (but a separate Zone from the power amp) because I'm using all the outputs on the P3, and those components are more critical. I've tried the router on straight power without the regenerator, but the system sounds better with it on the P10 and being powered with an LPSU.
  2. Yes, I did, as I bought the King first to use with the Mutec. I then ran my BG7TBL with the ER. Upgrading the King to Emperor Triple Crown gave noticeably more of what clocks do: soundstage, timing, detail. I then relegated the King to use with the ER.
  3. Not at all, but the performance you get from your DAC completely depends on the quality of the datastream you give it. Reducing phase noise and jitter are paramount. Thus the reclockers and grounding boxes. Saying that, my new Gustard is an outstanding DAC, very high quality indeed.
  4. I can't edit the old post so here is an updated system diagram.
  5. Hah! Both are Belden 4694R, very good clock cables.
  6. For that AD, an MCRU copper DC cable. For my better AD feeding the Mutec, a Coherent DC cable.
  7. Yes, and the filter made the AD unreliable and worsened sound quality.
  8. For an inexpensive experiment, you could try a BG7TBL to hear what it's all about. Next up would be the AfterDark units, which I can thoroughly recommend as I run two of them. Choose your price level and go for it. Sinewave is fine and they don't need filters.
  9. Yes, I'm using an AD King to externally clock the ER, then an AD Emperor Triple Crown to clock the Mutec MC-3+ USB. I don't know the Mutec's phase noise numbers but the external clock certainly improves its performance. The Mutec does not output 10MHz. My Mutec is modded for use with an external 5V power supply (a Coherent QP-1) and also has other components swapped for improved performance.
  10. I only used the Mini-Circuits splitter temporarily while awaiting the second clock and only had the system arranged this way for a few days, due to the timing of arriving components. Now, with the two AD clocks each driving one component, there is frankly no comparison. The King drives the ER while the Emperor Triple Crown drives the Mutec. Everything that clocks do - finer detail, incredible soundstage width and depth, startling focus, note decay - is enhanced. Music snaps into space with incredible punch and clarity, yet sounds effortless. I am so pleased I went this route. I am currently experimenting with more grounding boxes which is the only reason I've gone quiet here.
  11. I don't any more as I now have two clocks, one for each of the ER and Mutec.
  12. Quick A/B testing never works because you're always looking for change. Just relax and listen and over the course of an hour or so the changes become apparent without effort. This is the best way to assess system changes
  13. I don't know why you say that, there are plenty of members who have added an external clock to the ER and heard the improvement, which is neither subtle nor unethical.
  14. Do you have data already for driving the Mutec MC-3+ USB, which is what I use?
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