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  1. I only used the Mini-Circuits splitter temporarily while awaiting the second clock and only had the system arranged this way for a few days, due to the timing of arriving components. Now, with the two AD clocks each driving one component, there is frankly no comparison. The King drives the ER while the Emperor Triple Crown drives the Mutec. Everything that clocks do - finer detail, incredible soundstage width and depth, startling focus, note decay - is enhanced. Music snaps into space with incredible punch and clarity, yet sounds effortless. I am so pleased I went this route.
  2. I don't any more as I now have two clocks, one for each of the ER and Mutec.
  3. Quick A/B testing never works because you're always looking for change. Just relax and listen and over the course of an hour or so the changes become apparent without effort. This is the best way to assess system changes
  4. I don't know why you say that, there are plenty of members who have added an external clock to the ER and heard the improvement, which is neither subtle nor unethical.
  5. Do you have data already for driving the Mutec MC-3+ USB, which is what I use?
  6. My AfterDark clocks have continued to improve up to around 30 days after first switch-on. I would say they have reached full performance now, and very good indeed is that performance. No regrets at all with going in this direction.
  7. Right between the 4G router and the ER, coupled to a single 5m length of MeiCord ethernet cable both ends. Apologies, @Superdad , will stop the DX discussion now.
  8. I did sell my BG7TBL but I went one better and bought another AfterDark clock. One drives my ER and the second (even better) one drives my Mutec. Sound quality is stunning, I hear so much in the music.
  9. It isn't that - I checked carefully by playing some very low level detail songs, for instance the opening to Ry Cooder's Why Don't You Try Me. There are all manner of cymbal shimmers and taps going on there so I know that low level details are coming through fine without the DXEs in place. In fact, they're better. It's simply that I've paid a lot of attention to mains regeneration, grounding, cables and support isolation. In my system, the DXEs don't help. I can fully understand that in others they work well.
  10. Nope. For the second time I've taken them out of circuit. Some of the life was gone from my music. Not exactly dynamics but the DX filters just make it sound flatter. Removing them has restored its sense of life and vibrancy. I'm afraid these are just not working for me. They're staying out.
  11. A very honest appraisal. I have moved to using two DX units between router and ER. There is some cleaning up of midrange smoothness and even more fluidity in delivery. I can't detect any loss of dynamics so I don't think there is a downside. As with you, it's an incremental improvement and certainly not night and day. Other parts of the system should get attention first, this is just icing on the cake.
  12. I compared similarly, but one increment up, an AfterDark Emperor Triple Crown over a King. From my notes... I had an immediate impression of more realism in cymbal strikes, greater note decay and a darker background. Percussive detail is pervasive in everything and the midrange is smoother and less gritty. Bass is felt rather than heard. Less like hearing a pub band with over-driven bass punching you in the chest, more like an Underground train emerging from the tunnel, shaking you in the gut. John knows what I mean, comparing a straight punch with an undercut. Tr
  13. I wasn't sure where to post next as I have two AfterDark clocks and both the ER and Mutec reclockers. AfterDark King feeding the EtherREGEN, powered from 12V Coherent upgraded Weiliang. AfterDark Emperor Triple Crown feeding the Mutec, powered from 12V Coherent QP-1. This is the first time I have setup for dual clocks each feeding their own reclocker. Over using just the Emperor Triple Crown feeding the Mutec, my first impression: very smooth delivery. Second impression: more detail than I've ever heard before. Deeper soundstage. Noticeable focus to the music. Very tight bas
  14. I don't think I have a big RFI problem here, partly because, as I've theorised before, running 4G internet appears to have a lot lower noise than broadband over cable or phone lines. This is confirmed (sound quality wise) by someone else I know, having also tried both kinds of internet feed. I'm running a single filter because I'm not trying to 'overcook' the filtering but deliberately listening to the effect of just one at the end of the chain right before the ER.
  15. I received my two DXEs today, just three days after ordering from the UK supplier. I have used just one right next to the ER. I only have a 5m run of MeiCord from the 4G router but, even so, it seems to have had a positive effect in further lowering the noise floor a little. Subtle, but worth the money.
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