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  1. Not to be mean but any 10 gauge power cable would have provided any improvement you may have noticed. Regardless, the physical reality is that any wire thicker than the gauge of the house wiring is utterly useless since that is the maximum current possible (12 amps). All else is kool-aid. BTW a 10 gauge power cord should cost around 20 bucks max.
  2. As far as price is concerned an MC462 plus a C53 is 17k. This would be a savings of 3k over that combo. I would call it even-steven. Unless you require the extra juice for your speakers this is an excellent solution. It also looks smashing with the glowing tubes in the front. In a dark room it must be dazzling!
  3. I belive you are right. Regardless, In my experience anything above 24/96 is just numbers. Over 96 the difference you hear are dictated more by the fidelity of the master than any computer manipulation of the recording. Regardless of of format I still have to find any digital format that con dethrone a 45 RMP analog record as far soundstage and nth degree musical reproduction is concerned. Even my kids can A/B it 100% of the time! The best digital file always sounds as a facsimile of the original master. Please don't make me explain why it just does. Also note: that type of vinyl release is r
  4. Just ordered a pair! I have been mightily impressed by the LS50 since it was introduced. A good friend was an early adopter and he still has his original set. Best sound to price ratio on the market bar none. I needed a decent pair of speakers for our vacation home. Given that no other components other than my phone is required these fit the bill in spades. If I bring my laptop I also have Roon and all my musical files (>4k)! Now if they make a pair of Blades with the same abilities I might give up the 60K spent on McIntosh and B&W's I have invested😁
  5. I have been using my Cambridge Audio 851N as a streamer for almost 2 years with excellent sound quality. I recently started using Roon using my Surface Book as a server and core while using the 851N as the "output" device. The quality of Roon through through the 851 is extraordinary. Its like my flac digitized CD collection was cranked to 11! Im no digital technophile but Roon is most definitely doing something way beyond simply aggregating the digital data.
  6. Yes good vinyl is extraordinary and, in my experience, hard to find. I have been lucky with Impex records but the catalog is very limited. Other "audiophile" grade companies have been less consistent in quality. A point I want to make, however, well mastered, well recorded, digital, is also rare, but sounds as "good" and of course has a dead silent background. The number of bits or sampling is really a bogus matter as long as the format is lossless and if (and that is the big one) the original master was done well. No amount of oversampling or digital wizardry can fix music excellence that was
  7. You question has finally been answered by Cambridge Audio. The 851N is now Roon ready! The fidelity of everything streamed using Roon through the 851 including Tidal is simply spectacular and the best digital material I have ever expirienced. Even my ripped flac encoded CD' have never sounded this good. I don't know how Roon does it, but the truth is in the pudding. It works amazingly with the 851N.
  8. I use an MC462 with a C53 preamp. A trio made in heaven. Matched at 4 ohms. The 803's simply shine when driven stoutly. I have them complemented by a pair of DB1 subs. Bass with the combo is veritably bottomless and extraordinarily powerful. Not overbearing, just a seemingly endless capacity to produce the lowest registers cleanly at any sound level with no distortion. Matching is superbly simple simply use the 802 d2 setting of the subs and done.
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