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  1. | And why would you do that? Just out of curiosity. Well.. pre-Audirvana studio I was having fun deciding among the many filters, algorithms, and EQ options of HQ player using two diametrically different headphones (Senn 650 and HiFiman 560). But the user interface of HQ player and I remained a poor match even after putting effort into the relationship - both the iPad remote and client remain opaque to me in real-world use. So I rented Roon as a trial but thought it would be nice to marry the interface of Audirvana 3.5, which I previously paid for, with HQ player. Was able to fig
  2. Too bad - literally just splurged for HQ player two weeks ago. Though unlikely to have added yet another subscription service to my life. Would assume that the new Audirvana - like the old - cannot link its audio output to HQ player within the same computer?
  3. The timeless conflict between frequency response and sensitivity... and time response. Harbeth goes all in on the former. Agree with suggestion for more current though underlying issue remains relatively low sensitivity and a relatively large room.
  4. all300b

    HQ Player

    Miska helped me with this one - had to select the 44/2 channel option from the URL menu on the main page and then it started working. It works with black hole the same way - and the latter is free. But as far as I can tell, neither will work if the source has different sampling frequencies. So OK for Spotify, internet radio streams, etc.. but not if you want to use a different front end - like Audirvana - to play your own content. Have been diving into the HQ player filters - very interesting. Want to next investigate which - if any - can help streaming Spotify sound better.
  5. all300b

    HQ Player

    Hi, I have tried a number of things to figure this out but cannot seem to solve. Am trying out HQ player desktop on Macmini M1. It sounds fantastic and works fine with Roon. I would like to have the flexibility of sending it Spotify or even Youtube videos. I tried Black Hole and Amoeba Loopback apps but cannot get this to work. The Loopback app menu shows that it is receiving audio from Spotify (at 44k.1 kHz). In HQ player preferences under Input Device Settings I set the Backend to CoreAudio and then choose either Loopback or Black Hole from the device list (whichever I'm trying),
  6. Hi, For DACs that now include built in network streaming - say like the bricasti or Ayre where there is an Ethernet input - does the mini computer in there generate a local USB connection to the internal DAC or is there some other special way it connects? Just curious. Thanks to anyone who knows this.
  7. Would it be possible to message you directly? Wanted to ask about Rendu and Bricasti - thinking of making a new purchase. The Rendu line is a bit complicated to figure out.
  8. Nice. Barrows - can you comment on the sound of the Mola Mola versus the Bricasti M3? Same general league or is mola mola in its own universe? Thanks! I have the Bricasti on my radar.
  9. all300b

    HQ Player

    Hello, Sorry for seemingly dumb questions here. Just downloaded HQ player trial to assess what the software is like - running on a 2016 MacBook. 1. Can only load a single album at a time into the main window - when pointed to full music directory (about 600 albums) it returns an error. 2. For testing out the sound, do you have to keep going back and forth to the preferences to change the filters? 3. Is upsampling information displayed when track is playing? 4. Recognize I can't do any fancy DSD conversion with laptop, but any basic ones worth trying?
  10. While geography may not relate to sound quality, so much of that beautiful layout is solely dedicated to the R2R conversion of PCM. After dropping that much cash on such a piece would find it difficult to convert PCM material to DSD just out of principle.
  11. So many "state of the art" approaches to address this Achilles' heel of audio - Icon now making reasonably priced high quality autoformer attention, continual refinement of digital volume control, variable gain technology by Ayre (I believe also used by Metrum), and of course the "classic" preamp strategy using active tube or transistor gain with downstream analog attenuation. Would be interesting to see a head-to-head comparison of these technologies at some point, though suspect that the answer to "which one is best" will likely be, "it depends."
  12. I was loving the approach of upsampling PCM to DSD 256 in Roon before sending to the D90. Then, I went back and re-tested the more conventional approach of power of 2 PCM upsampling to the max sample rate - this also sounds fantastic on the D90 - slightly different - am no longer sure which one is clearly "better." Awesome DAC.
  13. Those analogue gauges are cool enough to almost ignore the use of separate computer boxes. Great article. Will be interesting - if your time allows - to see some experiments testing whether one can get close to the sound of both devices with CAPS 20 alone (e.g., what happens when you put the JCAT USB card into the main system and isolate it extremely well). In your description of people who react to this as either enjoying putting it together or believing it is the farthest thing from having fun, there may be a third group - those who would very much enjoy building this, and are op
  14. Thanks. I think you nailed it with your comment about the expense of good R2R. I suppose it would be nice to have a dac with great pcm and dsd sections to tailor to particular recordings but the always dsd approach seems much simpler.
  15. Hi Barrows - am curious about your comment, "I got the M3, because I only play back DSD." By that do you mean that you convert all PCM music to DSD in the computer and then send only DSD to your DAC, or that you listen to only native DSD music? If the former, do you prefer this PCM-DSD approach over sending native PCM to even a well-equipped R2R DAC such as the Bricasti? Thanks!
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