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  1. I have a USBridge signature unit running the current Allo-supplied PiCoreplayer distribution. It's set-up as a squeezelite player (via ethernet) and is served by an LMS server on the local network. I have the ffmpeg libraries installed and my music files are in ALAC format. Playback of files with resolution higher than CD quality consistently yields intermittent pops/clicks. I've spent hours messing with squeezelite settings and reading forums for advice, to no avail. The issue is reproducible using different DACs. I need help figuring this out or I can't take advantage of my high-res music, p
  2. Thanks for this - I'll try again with a fresh installed see if the problem recurs.
  3. I just got one of these (from PiShop.us). I'm using it currently with piCorePlayer to run both squeezelite and LMS, outputting audio to a USB DAC (Rega Dac-R), with music files (ALAC) on a local USB (SSD) drive. I downloaded the 6.00-b5 image of PCP from the Allo site. I am very happy with how it's sounding and found it fairly easy to set-up. The only issue I had was I needed to format the SSD as FAT because the PCP LMS server option to install other filesystem support fails. I get this error: "There was a error downloading ntfs-3g.tcz." As a result, I can't format the SSD using NT
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