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  1. WTB: Uptone Iso Regen View Classified Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy an Uptone Iso Regen. Please feel free to let me know what you have! Thank you, Eugene Seller Pentagonal Date 06/23/20 Price 200.00 USD Category Accessories  
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    (Found one, thanks!) Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy an Uptone Iso Regen. Please feel free to let me know what you have! Thank you, Eugene

    200.00 USD

  3. Pentagonal

    HQ Player

    If the Mojo is taking in data at 32bits over USB, and possibly processing it at a high bit rate, wouldn’t the quantization distortion be below audibility or the DAC’s S/N ratio?
  4. Pentagonal

    HQ Player

    @DancingSeaI tried all the options and found no dither to be the best. Every other one seemed to cause a sharp "sss" sibilance-like quality to the high frequencies. I know it's not what Miska recommends as ideal, but I found no dither to let me get into the music best.
  5. Pentagonal

    HQ Player

    Sinc-L upscaling 44.1 to 705.6 PCM on my Chord Mojo is the best sound I've ever heard out of it - actually some of the best digital sound I've ever heard! I truly hope, Miska, that you at least consider keeping the PCM side of the Sinc-L filter exactly as it is. It is excellent and makes listening to music fun again for me! I'd be heartbroken if even a few taps were taken out
  6. Pentagonal

    HQ Player

    @Miska Would you be willing to speak to how efficiency has improved from earlier HQPlayer 4 versions and v4.5 for the EC modulators? I saw earlier that you said "my i7-7700K which can do ASDM7EC with newest version to DSD256 without any problems (and any filter due to RTX2080 GPU)". Was this running on Windows? If it runs the EC filters at 256 with Closed-Form-16M, this may be the way to go! If the i7-7700 can handle ASDM7EC at 256, could I perhaps use a more affordable Geforce 1660 for Closed-Form-16M? Thank you for all the help, building a computer is a big expense and I really want to finalize the specs before jumping in!
  7. Pentagonal

    HQ Player

    A thought: are all of your apps’ sample rates matching (including for Loopback) in Audio Midi?
  8. Pentagonal

    HQ Player

    Hi @Miska, Thanks for your reply. I have a 2015 i7 MacBook Pro right now and am planning to buy/build a desktop rig specifically to run the 16M filter at DSD256. I think a 3.0ghz i7 + decent Nvidia GPU should do the job? How would a lower clock speed Xeon + GPU perform in comparison? Thanks! Eugene
  9. Pentagonal

    HQ Player

    Hi everyone, I need some help picking out a computer and DAC to run HQplayer + Tidal and upscaling to DSD256 via Closed Form 16M. I'd likely use the DSD7 256+fs modulator. Does anyone use DSD256 with Closed Form 16M regularly with no stuttering? From what it appears here it looks like it's all about the clock speed rather than cores. Does CUDA and getting a good graphics card matter much? How do you like your DAC? I appreciate any advice and particularly if anyone could try the above combo and let me know their specs and whether or not it stutters. Thank you!
  10. Thanks everyone for your replies! It looks like many people have done this before And even with the Mojo resampling DSD back to PCM, there’s a kind of magic in the presentation, modulation, and filtering that is extremely good. @bobfloodI’m glad you really like your setup! Can you tell me some more about the specifics of your computer, how you’re isolating it / connecting it to the DAC, how you’re getting your content (Roon + Tidal?), what filters and modulators you’ve tried, and some specifics on sound quality? PCM - DSD can sound “soft” sometimes which I’m trying to avoid. Thank you! Eugene
  11. Hi everyone, I recently download HQPlayer 4 and am completely blown away by the sound quality of the Closed-form-16M (16 million taps) filter when upscaling PCM to DSD256. It's like time slows down and the edge is taken off the music. I can hear so much more with ease. So far I've been using my Chord Mojo and a Macbook Pro. My computer isn't powerful enough to handle the 16M filter at DSD256 and I'm now looking at a dedicated audio PC. I can buy a Dell Precision with a multi-Xeon CPU and CUDA-enabled GPU on Craigslist for under $500. I'm concerned it still won't be powerful to handle HQPlayer running at max (with Roon streaming Tidal into it, unless there's a cheaper way). Then for a DAC, there are many options like a R2R Holo Spring 2 that can do DSD1024 or a $100 used iFi Nano that will do DSD512. Not sure where to spend the money, or whether to look into a USB-I2S interface or other tweaks. And then I need to buy headphones Has anyone gone down a path like this already? Thank you!
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