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Audio System

Main system

Source: Ypsilon CDT-100 CD transport, CH Precision C1 DAC with streaming card

Pre-amp: FM Acoustics 245

Amp: Dartzeel NHB 108

Speakers: Stenheim Alumine 2 

Rack: SRA Scuttle III

Interconnects Cables: Burmester digital coaxial, Siltech Compass Lake rca, FM Acoustics xlr, Argento FMR Speaker cables

Powercords: Argento FMR, DIY silver powercords

Power conditioner: Acoutic Revive RTP-4


Second system

Source: OPPO 103 

DAC/Pre-amp: TBD

Amp: Meridian 605 mono blocks, FM Acoustics 800A

Speakers: ProAc response 1SC

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