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  1. I am going to order Altair G1. It looks just the product I need! Thx
  2. I'd like to try these brands, given the current economic situation it probably make sense to explore toward the lower end of the spectrum. Where can I buy them?
  3. Altair G1 is my short list Anyone has compared it to MyTek Brooklyn Bridge? Seem the later is also in that price range.
  4. I always assume one better buy new with digital products.
  5. No I have not. There are just too many options. I am actually pretty happy with my system now.
  6. Hi there, Hope everyone is sound and safe during this historic event. I am looking for setting up a budget bedroom system that is compact and simple. Does anyone have recommendation for an all-in-one DAC/Streamer/Pre unit? I have an OPPO 103 which does have streaming capacity but the sound quality is not at audiophile level. I have a pair of Meridian 605 mono amp and a pair of Proac tablette monitors. I am not up to date with current market, and I think Naim has Uniti, and NAD has something similar, but I haven't heard them in person. My budget is $2000 or less used or new. Any suggestions anyone?
  7. FM gears are super rare in all markets. I am fortunate to own a 245 pre-amp (the best solid state pre-amp I have heard) and 800A amp. If you never own an FM product I'd strongly suggest you obtain one and you will understand why they are so highly regarded.
  8. I used to be a sucker of Expensive cables like Siltech, Argento, etc until I bought a pair of FM Acoustics XLR interconnects. They are not cheap, but relatively inexpensive compared to other big names. By its look, you can mistake it from $5 cable, but don't be fooled by its appearance, it replaced a pair of Argento FMR XLR in my system 🙂 I heard their speaker cables are also very good but FM products are extremely rare in used market, and people tend to just keep them.
  9. Hi Chris, As a new member I am excited to follow your writings on how you shape up your listening room. Just by looking at the picture, your room seems pretty big, what is it measurement? I have a dedicated listening room but it is only 13' wide by 15' deep with 9.5' ceiling height. However the ratio is very good. I am getting pretty decent results using combination of absorption panels and GIK diffusers. However I have never tried DSP, and maybe I should try that. I find ceiling height is very important in a room. You mentioned your previous basement listening only has 6.5' ceiling height? I would image that would not be good for high frequency extension and natural decay. Is that correct? I am looking forward to read more writings from you. Enjoy your new room! Best, Steve
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