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  1. I have already installed volumio on rpi4 via sd card. Can I use the same sd card on USbridge? Will I have to buy a wifi dongle in order to playback from laptop or bubble UPnP ?
  2. Maybe the low characteristics of my router ZTE ZXHN H108N, 100Mbps play an important role.
  3. unfortunately, I turned off wifi but jitter remains the same
  4. In the first place I connected to wifi volumio headless - from android phone s8 samsung - then I disable wifi volumio from phone and connected to router wireless. So, router port out---->ethernet cable cat6----> ethernet port in rpi4----->usb cable port out rpi4---->usb cable port in CXA81. No cables are connected to laptop to anywhere router, rpi4 or cxa81. Do I need to disable rpi4 wifi from volumio menu?
  5. @DuckTollerNo, I have not, so I have to disable it with raspbian pi imager for windows - burn on the sd card along with volumio the raspbian pi imager-, on the internet I find different ways to disable it. I use TOSHIBA HDD 3T external disc USB 3.0 on the USB 3.0 port of my HP Elitebook laptop (i5-8250U/8GB/SSD256GB/FHD/W10). Perhaps the unstable media DLNA server that windows use - for example DSD and loss Mp3 files do not appear using my media server from volumio and also that happens with app bubble UPnP-, but when I mount the external disc to volumio all my music files appear. I think if I change the server installing minimserver as @stefano_mbp suggests the problem of mounting and speed might disappear.
  6. @DuckTollerthanks Tom, I playback music files on volumio either spotify or FLAC, DSD via ethernet. I will consider to use other software to rpi4. Did you find NAS better in terms of speed than external discs HDD attached to computer ? Which NAS has the most friendly software management system? wish u better music days...and nights
  7. my experience from rpi4 as a streamer with volumio software is that definitely there is a noise "tsik" coming from speakers playback either FLAC or DSD files compare to USB cable from laptop to amp using foobar2000 or Jriver. Then the first question is that if rpi4 produces jitter adding extra devices, linear power supply, usb isolator e.t.c. will absorb the noice? Is it worth to invest in extra devices to clear the noice or purchase a different streamer. Mounting external disc HDD to volumio sometimes there is a delay - 500 GB - but I do not know if that delay comes from rpi4 or volumio. If I use DLNA/windows media server there is no delay but then a few songs does not appear -DLNA/windows is not very stable-. So, I decided to set up a synology NAS DS 118.
  8. I do not have a NAS. Is it possible to set up a NAS for my external disc TOSHIBA 2T?
  9. Hi, I installed successfully on my network volumio but it seems to be a problem mounting a share file on my main drive C:. If my share file name is \\LAPTOP\Music1969, on the field Alias: an independent name, NAS IP Address: LAPTOP, Path: Music1969, File Share type: cifs, Username: LAPTOP, then save. Volumio asks for a password but I did not tick the option for a password in the network.
  10. @bluesmanthanks, well that is very interesting because Jriver converts the same song to DoP. That means if the rate is DSD 128 to convert it to DoP you need at least 352.8kHz while native DSD128 requires a bandwidth of just 176.4kHz. Which means I can not play DSD 256. Of cource I do no think I could hear the differences on my medium hifi system. I will try AFAIK and superaudio plugin. Tomorrow I will get rpi4 and install volumio and I will come back to you with my first impression. From where is your music source?
  11. thanks a lot, did you read #57 post and the attached file? Do you think that might be a problem control panel screen discovers ASIO active (PCM mode) instead of DSD mode
  12. ok, thanks, do you download music files from an internet server or just playback from CDs
  13. Hi Stefano, so via MPD you can manage 2 rpi4 but with which app ? I mainly listen to minimal music and my favorite musician is Rene Aubry, Emanuele Via, Max Richter, etc. would you recommend sMS-200ultra ?
  14. Thanks for the reply, I have used foobar2000 to playback from external disc on my laptop via USB cable to amp. I have installed the necessary plugins for DSD. Foobar2000 playback DSD files but actually as you can see from the attached file the amp control panel screen discovers ASIO active (PCM mode) instead of DSD mode (I do not know if that seems to be a problem). I find the same with you problems of clunky library management and the foobar2000 controller. I have downloaded Jriver and the library management is more stable and more reliable. I have not tested the app.
  15. Hi, are you happy with foobar2000
  16. Hi Stefano, are you happy with SOtM SMS-200 Neo, which software do you use?
  17. thanks a lot. Mainly I convert old CDs to FLAC or WAV using Exact Audio Copy or download from rutracker.
  18. @[email protected]@stefano_mbp thanks all of you for the info, two months ago I have started to upgrade my hifi system so some things are quite new to me. I have sold my NAD C-340, TANNOY MX1 mercury speakers, and SONY CDplayer, YAMAHA tuner, 20 years old best off machines, and bought CXA81 amp and monitor audio silver 500 speakers. My router does not have a USB port. I am awating to upgrade the line from 25mpbs adsl to 50mbps vdsl. So, either I will purchase a new router to stick my external disk or I will set up a NAS. I am awaiting the pi4 to set up volumio and then I will decide what to do. If the sound is not good for me I will see what I can add to pi4 to sound better or go for a better machine. I think all the components of a hi fi system must suit for your ears. From the software, machines, and cables. What app do you use for volumio.
  19. I understand that, what would you suggest?
  20. Hi, my current rate is 2.4GHZ so it would be fine. I would try to set up a miniserver as see how it goes. My first concern is about the sound of pi4 without any add ons. If I am not happy I do want to have another option. 1 a regenerate usb, 2. a higher value commercial product.
  21. yes, ok, for config but what about control of music files because mainly I use windows laptop and android app
  22. Can I use it via windows laptop. I also use android app for my smartphone.
  23. Moreover, can I set up a NAS, miniserver, or external disc?
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