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  1. @wklie Can you please tell me how much (in voltage power) is digital output signal in USB port of lumin U1 mini. Although, my amp does not have a unity gain I have noticed that operating Leedh processing at 60-70% and control the volume by the amp only the sound is much more transparent and clearer. Turning down the leedh processing the signal to the amp might overdrive the amp.
  2. ok, so the Leedh processing should be turned off and the control of the volume should be operated via the amp.
  3. @wklieHi, regarding Lumin U1 mini: a. If lumin operates as pre-amp when Leedh is turned on at which volume the integrated CXA81 amp would be set up ? I searched the manual and google it but did not find any unity gain on CXA81 amp, b. When a song is played via app and want to add it on a saved playlist I can not do it directly. I have to first load the playlist that I want to save the song and then saved it.
  4. Now, although CXA81 is integrated I can not control the volume in the lumin app either have to purchase a DAC/preamp or DAC +preamp
  5. @wkliehi, I have noticed that during the upsampling from FLAC file (lumin u1 mini ) to DSD the sound diminishes and have to raise up the volume. Is that normal?
  6. @DuckTollerhope you are good because in Greece we are having a severe lockdown. Just wondering what matters more, upgrading my amp with a new or user one maximum 2500€ (with a DAC ?) or buying a DAC ( denafrips). I do not know in this amount of money if the difference on sound will be marked
  7. I think RME is out of the list because USB port is not for audio https://www.rme-audio.de/adi-2-dac.html
  8. Which one of Armature DAC's https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/dac-without-volume/armature-cronos-r2r-balanced-xlr-dac-24bit384khz-xmos-xu208-p-11831.html https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/dac-without-volume/armature-asterion-holo-spring-r2r-balanced-xlr-dac-24bit384khz-dsd512-p-12038.html Both products are discontinued. Do you consider it a disadvantage for future upgrade or something else? regards Nikolaos
  9. The reason discussing the DAC/preamp is that Lumin u1 incorporates LEEDH processing, https://www.luminmusic.com/support-leedh-processing.html, and that can be achieved via a pre-amp.
  10. Using AES/EBU digital port sounds better than USB port ? Tell me your opinion about denafrips ARES II. If I find a used armature I I think I will go for it. A second option is RME ADI-2-DAC-FS DA Converter. I think OCTO DAC8 is too expensive regarding using rpi.
  11. I will agree with you as soon as MQA does not provide bitperfect sound can not be regarded as a standard
  12. Hi, I was about to purchase Lindenmann bridge or network because its app is very intuitive but I was disappointed because no usb audio is available. My amp is designed to perform at its best sample rate PCM or DSD only with USB audio.
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