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  1. Hi, Stefano I suppose you are talking about sonore ultra rendu. I have tried sotm neo & ultra and I inspected too many drop outs. The modem/router encountered problems with wifi. So, regarding buying a server or a NAS and a streamer the second solution might seem very interested. I have not heard lumin u1 mini but I think I might challenge the purchase
  2. Thanks Tom, I am thinking Lumin U1 mini because of its own player via a very respectful app and at the same time is a UpNp device which means it connects to other network software, roon, jriver, audiorvana etc. On the other hand wyred4sound music server MS essential is very attractive but very expensive regarding that only 4T HDD or SSD can be added on the internal storage. I am thinking about the DAC. Do you know https://eng.hifirose.com/RS201E-info
  3. Hi Tom, a balanced DAC -which one is on your mind -between CXA81 amp and the streamer-what is your impression of the LUMIN MINI U1. thanks, Nik
  4. Hi, the first option is to use different OS network software (roon, foobar2000, jriver, audiorvana etc) and that is why I am looking for a UpNp device, antipodes EX (a used one is for 2,4 k), wyred4sound (2,5k) or ??. The second option is to buy a NAS synology along with a streamer lumin U1 or ???. The CXA81 amp has already a DAC which for now I am satisfied. Thanks, Nik
  5. My system comprises by, a CXA81 amp (only with USB cable I can achieve PCM rates at 384, and 256DSD), monitor audio silver 500 speakers, FRITZ BOX 7490 modem/router, and rpi4 (volumio). As my music library is growing above 4T and my needs are for a UpNp player capable of playing all sorts of network software (roon, jriver, audiorvana, foobar2000 etc) I am wondering which solution is better, purchasing a NAS and replacing my rpi4 (which streamer ?) or buying a music server/player (which server ?). The main control should be via an android app & windows 10.
  6. hi, the question is that an expandable music server which means an audiophile computer can replace a streamer and a NAS? I am also looking for a music server. I have tested recently sotm sms neo and the antipodes ex server. Although the library on both of the devices was set up on port usb ssd, the antipodes reacted fastest and more reliable without drop outs that means although the maximum storage is 16T it can be expandable via usb ports. Another music server I have heard recently is MS Essential from wyred4sound. Of course there are other servers like aria picollo+, 432 evo standard music s
  7. Hi, I am looking for a streamer/server that can catch the full capacity of CXA81 amp only via USB 2.0 audio class, PCM 32/384, 256DSD.
  8. hi, I want you opinion using innuos zenmini mk3 not for roon but using its own player. Does the purchase worth ? My system comprises: CXA81 amp, monitor audio silver 500 speakers.
  9. Hi, a) I have installed squeezelite X on LMS. Do you know other trustworthy squeezelite players, b) I have been provided to listen to sms200 ultra but suddenly the sd card does not work and I have to burn it again. Do you encounter such problems. thx
  10. I thought that you are using MPD as OS player for Minimserver on NUC8i3 that is why I asked about MPD.
  11. Just to see if it works, I have downloaded on my laptop the LMS and the squeezelite x for windows. The library 500 GB on HDD attached to router does not run smoothly with a long delay for music search so I had to attach it to my pc. Installed spotify plugins to squeezelite. The ipeng app is for mac so I think I should go for Squeeze Ctrl app or anything else free? Do u think it would be better to download MPD on my pc https://www.musicpd.org/ and operate it via MPD/DLNA of sms200 in order to use lumin app. My library on HDD it would be attached to router like as a NAS. Why do not us
  12. So, I think because my music library is under 1T I will attach an usb ssd to modem or at sotm usb port. At first, I will use lms/sq. Using lms/sq can I control my library via bubbleupnp app ? The other option is to download bubbleupnpserver and control it via lumin app. At a second phase I will use audirvana or Roon. Do you use a LPSU for sms200 ?
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