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  1. Hi, Thanks. I was hoping for a more portable solution than a NAS that is permanently plugged in and running. Do these need to be hard wired via ethernet or can they be hidden in another room using WiFI? Ideally, I'd like to be be able to store the music and connect it when I fancy a listen, but am not sure what to use. I've got about 500 cd's to rip. Regards, Andy.
  2. Hi, Haven't seen any reviews yet of the Revolution DAC. My pal is looking for a DAC so would be good to hear any feedback or reviews on this that I can share with him, as I have been very impressed with the Allo products I have. Regards, Andy.
  3. Hi, I've am loving my first foray into computer audio using USBSig, MOode and Tidal into an RME ADI-2 DAC. I'd like to seek advice on the best way of listening to my CD's please once I have ripped them somewhere, as I can never remember what I have, so would like access to them. For optimal sound quality is it best to use a SSD connected to my network switch, or a USB flash drive into the USBSig, or something else please? I've got a macbook so could potentially use that if any good for storage, but would love to know what you guys think is a good set-up to a
  4. Hi, Thanks for the reply's. I don't know what is going on but it is now working. I have the switch connected to the router and it works. I didn't have DNLA enabled as I have been using UPNP, bit it seems OK at the moment. I can also view the MoOde player via .local and IP address, so a bit of a mystery. It doesn't seem to like it when I use the switch between virgin hub and router and connect the Sig to the switch, so not sure what the difference is in that configuration that is confusing things. I thought that would be simpler. Thanks again.
  5. Hi,I have just got a USBridge Sig up and running with MoOde. MoOde is operated from my iphone or laptop, and the Sig is connected via ethernet to a Netgear WiFi router which is wired to a Virgin Hub.The problem I have is when I try and connect the Sig to a Cisco Network switch. When I try to access via http://moode.local on the laptop it says server won't respond, DNS not recognised, and via the MConnect app on the iPhone MoOde UPnP does not appear under UPnP devices. Removing the Network switch and plugging the Sig back into the Router does solve this problem, but I'd like to get this working
  6. Please ignore this too as now sorted.
  7. Hi, don't worry, I've got it working with a new image flashed from the MoOde site. Phew.
  8. Hi, As I have screwed up my SD Card would it be possible to order a replacement please that is loaded with the required OS, drivers and MoOde player for USBSig? I've tried flashing new images, but I can't ever seem to get into MoOde again, so unless someone can help with ensuring I have flashed the correct information I think this may be the best course of action. Via the index of /Allocom downloads there is a lot to choose from and I'm not sure what I need. I've flashing tried under Moode, DietPi, and USBridgeSig, but it isn't clear to me what is needed.
  9. Hi, I need some help please. I was connected using MoODe this morning but then hit problems trying to get Tidal working, and I have ended up wiping the SD card supplied. Using my macbook I downloaded the below and installed via flash using the Rasberry Pi imager, but now when I connect the USBSig via ethernet to the network and the DAC via USB I can no longer get to http:moode.local, so am not sure what I am doing wrong. Do I need to load anything else onto the SD card? Thanks for a
  10. Hi, I've recently taken delivery of a USBSig and will soon receive a DAC and amp to get me up and running. I wanted to know what options I have for connecting to my network please and what is deemed best for sound quality. I have an ethernet cable to try but if I want to connect via wifi would that be a USB WiFi dongle type solution or are there better ways of doing this please? Thanks, Andy.
  11. Much appreciated. Just need to find a dac, pre-amp and amp now, and I'm back in the game : )
  12. No, I have the USB Signature. I think I see now. It lists the below under features of the USB Signature though, so I misread this. So you can add the DigiOne Sig to the USB Sig and power the clean supply of that only as the USB Sig does not need or benefit form this? DigiOne Signature Clean Power: 5V/1A adaptor source or battery pack power 5v to 9v range. Thanks for your help. Andy.
  13. Hi, Apologies if this has been covered but I couldn't find anything. I just took delivery of a USB signature and shanti, but there doesn't look to be a way of using the supplied connectors to link the shanti 1A supply to the USB A clean port on the signature. Am i missing a connector or missing the point here, as I thought I needed to power both clean and dirty, so would expect this to be included? Thanks, Andy.
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