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  1. "I frequently sit across the room from a $100,000+ audio system, looking at it, while listening through these headphones. The SR1a is that good. Stunning, amazing, and the only headphone capable of pulling me away from my main audio system. " in my opinion this feeling led to this problem "temporarily sold aout" i like audiophillestyle.com
  2. did you hear RAAL rs1a and how do compare to the focal utopia or stax SR009S
  3. Hello CHRIS your review about SR1A is available on the RAAL officiel page. I very much liked this review; CONGRATULATIONS
  4. Pending publication, receive my compliments for the efforts you are making to help us new people in the audio to guide us in our choices; I really like this forum because we can see the sincere opinion on headsets and other devices
  5. Hello CHRIS, when is the full SR1A review? I can't wait to read it because I like your way of presenting things
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