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  1. No, I have not obtained a remarkable gain in SQ with a Zerozone LPS powering my router. This was in contrast to the ER powered by an LPS of the same brand which showed an immediately audible improvement compared to the standard power supply. Ymmv...
  2. Do I understand correctly: you prefer the Ghent Belden CAT 6a over the rest?
  3. Before I bought just recently the Belden6a I asked Ghent about the SQ difference between the Belden and the Linkwitz. The answer was really from far east inspired by Konfuzius: some prefer the Belden and some the Linkwitz 😜. KR Horst
  4. Hi Karl, I have exactly the same problem with a Linn Akurate streamer. It was even worse before with a Cisco 2960 switch turned off and on again. This switch is booting very slowly whereas the EtherRegen boots very fast. However, my solution is the same. Do not leave the Linn in stand-by and (hard) switch it on a reasonable time later than all the other devices which is about 1 min for the EtherRegen (much longer for the Cisco). Unfortunately, I have no perfect solution for the loss of connection during operation but this does not happen to offen at my home, maybe any other day onc
  5. Hi Jud, I was so far under the impression from this forum that most users preferred the ER after the Cisco. Therefore, your experience to obtain even better sound without a second switch was very interesting to me. I followed your thought and am now very pleased and content with SQ as well as stability of the set-up. Both sources are running in parallel since about 1.5h without any drop-out. Thank you very much for your support. Horst
  6. Hi John, my Cisco is a C2960-8TC-L. That the switch is booting VERY slowly, is correct. In my second attempt to run the system as desired I was exactly doing what you propose namely wait for minutes after switching each component on. Also, failure occurred after all was working correctly for some time. However, both switches are powered by the same power line as the rest of the audio equipment. It is very convenient to turn the whole system on at once. Maybe I should separate the switches which might be a little inconvenient. Do you recommend to leave the ER powered all the time? I
  7. Hi Alex, I received here in Germany the ER 2.5 days ! after placing my order in the US. I claim this to be record! Unfortunately, I have a strange connection problem. I placed the ER after my Cisco 2960 to which I had, so far, connected a Samsung TV, to receive the Digital Concert Hall of the Berlin Philharmonic, and a Linn ADS2 to listen to my library from a Synology NAS and Quobuz. When I connect the ER to the Cisco (side A) either the TV or the Linn connected to side B work perfectly well. The same is true, when I connect the Cisco and the TV to side A and the Linn t
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