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  1. They are indicated in a file.txt inside the compressed file that you download and that you will need to extract. 1.You need to run the executable to install 5.00 drivers, then connect the dac to the PC and turn on. 2. Find several folders once extracted. Copy the entire folder "... 30.12 ..." into the driver installation directory (.. /program files/holo audio/usb driver/win10 64). 3. Run holoauduiousbdfu.exe Enjoy
  2. Confirm! It works! Spring 3 KTE comes out with firmware 30.14. Just flashed on 30.12 and works perfectly as Naa with Miska's HQP OS image. Instead using the NAA under Gentooplayer OS with 5.11.3 CK kernel there is clearly a problem, on the display comes out 1.536 but strange sound comes out .. Slow and noisy .. Thanks so much again! 🙏
  3. Thank you so much! 🙏🙏🙏 30.12 for intel?
  4. Hi, Does this also apply to Spring 3 KTE (same usb module as May)? I can't go beyond 768 with Hqplayer Naa (Miska's HQP OS image) with NUC 8 i3. But there isn't Spring 3 firmware downloadable..
  5. Hi, is still available? I live in italy, you? Antonio
  6. I place the order too😁 Sda-6 pro I'll get there in a few days
  7. Molte grazie. Qualcuno ha mai ascoltato o confrontato sda-6 / pro con rme adi-2 dac? Il mio dubbio è che non migliori il risultato che ottengo con adi 2. Ho letto in qualche post precedente che non c'era molta differenza, anche contro una d70 ..
  8. Thanks for the reply. The thing is, the topping is a different dac. There may not be much difference between i2s and usb on the sda-6 pro. This is why I asked the opinion of an owner.
  9. Thanks a lot for the answer! If we don't consider Su-2 (or ddc) do you think that the i2s connection is still better than the usb one on sda-6 pro? If I used usbridge sig with an hat reclocker (like Ian Canada) and LVDS link to sda-6 pro, in your opinion I could get a better result than the usbridge sig -> sda-6 usb connection? Thanks a lot Antonio
  10. Hi, I am following this topic with a lot of interest as I would like to buy an sda-6 pro. What can you say more about the usb difference between sda-6 pro and su-2? Does using the ddc actually improve the result compared to sda-6 alone? Is the improvement worth the cost of the ddc? (I use a linear powered usbridge signature). Many thanks Antonio
  11. I use rme adi-2 dac fs (akm 4490) connected to Allo usbridge signature. I use GentooPlayer on both, NUC and Allo, with roon server (nuc) and roon bridge (Allo) on RAM. I put all to dsd 256 without any problem
  12. I think you have rme😅 I hope it can helps you too Dac compatibility is unfortunately a lottery..
  13. Make sure you use 4.14.114-010320 no RT and N° 20 (standard kernel) 4.14.114-060120 is different, be careful! Again, this is the only combination that solved the problems with the DSDs. I run all to dsd 256 without problems. Also make sure you have flashed the latest rme firmware. Mine is the first version (4490) . Let me know
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