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  1. Hello I am listening using the following system amplifier dac McIntosh Ma8000, focal 1028be, MacBook pro Audirvana TIDAL. I Do not want to use pc as player so I am evaluating the following solutions as I have wifi connection thinking to change in the future to a full ethernet wiring: Lumin u1 mini using MA8000 dac Lumin d2 Naim nd5 xs2 Auralic aries g1 What do you think about?
  2. Great! Great! Great! I am using a Wireworld usb ultraviolet cable to connect macbook to DAC. I replaced it with a 1 euro usb cable and it is perfect now. I dont know why, the cable is not damaged.
  3. Mid song. It happens often also when i turn on the system. So i have to turn on and off the amplifier several times until it works.
  4. Hello, There is a way to solve the following problem: during playback with Audirvana the player continues to work but everything is muted and the default audio output returns to be Internal speakers, to resume playback I have to turn the amp off and on again with the built-in DAC (McIntosh MA8000) but after a while we go back to the beginning.
  5. Hello everybody! I am trying to install HAF on audirvana using macbook and following step by step the instructions by thierry but does not work. Any suggestion?
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