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Audio System



Source: DIY Music Server

DAC: Yggdrasil A2 W/ Unison
Preamp: Wyred4Sound STP SE-S2 PreAmp
AMP: Rogue Audio ST-100 (Single-ended Triode mode)
Speakers: Natalie P - Jon Marsh Design (DIY)
Subwoofer: Rythmik Audio F12 sealed 2^ft3 enclosure

DIY Music Server Details

Case: HDPlex H5 Gen2 Case

Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix Z390-I

CPU: i9 9900K @ 3.6ghz

Storage: Optane SSD58gb

RAM: Apacer DDR4 2666 16GB ECC

USB Controller: Startech PCI-E USB-C w/ ASM3142 chipset

USB Cables: Phasure Lush^2

Network card: Startech PCIe SFP Network Card Adapter NIC - PEX1000SFP2

SFP Module: Planet MGB-TLX 2x between Etherregen and Statech Fiber Nic

DC Cables: Gotham 18awg OFC JSSG360 / DIY Mundorf Silver/Gold JSSG360


Paul Hynes SR7T Dual rail12v and 9v 



GentooPlayer Ramrooted

RAM Mode 2


BubbleUPNP OpenHome Controlled by BubbleDS



Spectrum > Arris SB8200 > Monoprice Cat8> Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X SFP > CableMatters Cat8 > Buffalo BS-GS2016P > Monoprice CAT8 > Buffalo BS-GS2016P > Ghent JSSG360 Linkway CAT8 > A-Side Uptone Etherregen > 10M OS2 Corning Fiber > Music server (Also A-side, my preference).


Linksys EA7500 for wireless control - bridged mode > Fiber Cable > Startech FMC > Uniquiti EdgeRouter X SFP Fiber input


Linear Power

Keces P3: Arris SB200 and Ubiquiti Edge Router X SFP

Uptone LPS 1.2: External clock (BG7TBL with FE-180)

SJ DC3 Level LPSU (DIY): Buffalo BS-GS2016 (12v) and Uptone Etherregen

Paul Hynes SR7T for server

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