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  1. Interested in a pair as well if you do decide to mass produce these :) Which case did you intend to use these with?
  2. Good find @Nenon! Thank you. Surely they're identical.
  3. Thank you. I also had my eye on these 😎.
  4. Looks interesting! I definitely missed this. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Thank you. Which connectors are you using with this bulk cable?
  6. That is correct, Rajiv. I'm glad this came up in my talks with Stephen and that he was able to accommodate. When I purchased these from you I had assumed they were compatible by default ( I didn't read Rajiv's description well enough 😁). This modification did come at a small cost.
  7. I did. The cable is very short, at most ~4 inches, and only doubled up on 5V and grounds. The other wires were not connected. Since the wire is so thick I did not feel the need to connect the others and have had zero issues thus far. @Nenon helped guide me: Pin 1 for +3.3v Pin 3 for Ground Pin 4 for +5v Pin 5 for Ground Pin 6 for +5v Pin 8 for PWR-OK Pin 9 for +5Vsb Pin 10 for +12v Pin 16 for PWR-On (Cheap wire here since this is just for the power button function) No JSSG360 since the cable is so short. Here is a pic (its not pr
  8. If mine arrived surely yours isn't too far behind . It is worth the wait! I am using the below cables + a DIY Mundorf Silver/Gold 15.5 awg 24-pin cable.
  9. I ordered this unit in late May 20'. Covid slowed things down quite a bit.
  10. The SR7T arrived today. Its the two rail 19v, 12v option. So, the CPU will receive a dedicated 12v rail and the 19v output will go to the HDPLEX 800w DC-ATX module. Everything powered up without issue. Thanks @austinpopfor the timely sale of your PHD cables. Super excited to give this a listen! I will be comparing the SR7T to the HDPLEX 400w AC-DC SMPS power supply, which actually sounds very good in combination with the HDPLEX 800w DC-ATX device. Until now, this SMPS allowed me to hear subtle differences in kernel types, resources allocation tweaks, mem
  11. For the Asus ROG Strix i z390 from your first build in this thread, will one need to omit the +12v wires from the 24 pin if using a dedicated 12v EPS rail?
  12. Solid build. Still contemplating whether to go i9 9900k or to upgrade to full ATX z490/w480 based board with top tier 10 gen CPU. Leaning towards the latter for the built in remote management functionality. It would be great to not have to drag my server to another room and connect my desktop monitor to play with RAM settings :).
  13. Terrific write-up @bobfa. I was wondering why you were selling the Kii Three's!
  14. @Soul Analogue - A job well done. In admiration of your creativity and technical skills. Do you have access to any of high end commercial offerings to perform comparisons? Also, interested in learning about what you're upgrading from with this build. Cheers! -Rob
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