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  1. I am now using a Cisco 2960 8tc-l with standard power supply. I doubt whether I will upgrade after a Meraki, but now that I read around on the forum, a Buffalo is also very interesting!


    Have you perhaps compared Buffalo to the Meraki and perhaps the Etheregen? Which one do you recommend?


    ps: Which Linaire power supply do you recommend?

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    2. Nick90


      I found a company with one Buffalo at stock, so i thought this is my change finally! I actually wanted to wait for your comparing to the ER.. 


      karma appears, I  accidentally bought a the wrong model switch, but it turns out to be the Bs-GU2016. Now I saw through the forum search that several made the same mistake :( Shall I cancel the order in time or are there any good stories from the GU model? btw it does not have fiber, for now this is okay

    3. Exocer


      Hi Nick,
      I do not know much about the BS-GU2016...but I almost did make the same mistake myself and stopped at least one other person. The Melco S100 is based on the BS-GS2016(I am sure for good reason). My suggestion is to send this one back (or cancel it) and get the BS-GS model. That way you get to live without the FOMO.


      Still working so will test in a bit.




    4. Exocer


      Hey Nick,

      I found the time to conduct the test today.


      Results were different this time around. There were notable differences to my system as well:

      1. My Buffalo was not linear powered when I previously removed the ER (Etherregen).
      2. I may have been using copper ethernet into the server.

      3. Server was powered with SMPS and now that is also linear powered.


      Let me start by saying both sound great.


      I tested using the ER A-A side and B-A side.


      ER A-A vs Buffalo:


      Buffalo was a bit smoother. Some high frequency energy was not there, but, I do not think this is a bad thing. Sound stage, especially vocals, sounded a bit further back with the Buffalo. Soundstage was a bit more distinguishable. ER didn't have as much "body" as the Buffalo and felt as though the soundstage was a bit closer. 


      Conclusion: Both sound great and you could not go wrong either way.


      ER B-A vs Buffalo:

      ER soundstage was a bit smaller but not by much. ER focus improved a bit and some of the body came back. The presentation compared to the Buffalo was different but not by much. I did feel like some would prefer this mellow presentation over the more in-your-face A-A side setup. To me, I prefer clean power and A-A side because I love having the biggest soundstage and dynamics. 


      Conclusion: Buffalo sounded a bit bigger. Still had more body but less so than A-A. Smoothness was equivalent. Buffalo was noticably more gutsy.


      Which do I prefer? All of them together, with the ER reclocked (which was removed for the tests).


      I do not think it would be fair to give either switch a score relative to the other since they both do a wonderful job and sound better together. One thing to note, I did not miss the ER as much this time when I removed it. Perhaps this is due to the SFPs or the fact that the Buffalos sound A LOT better when powered by an SJ DC3 compared to the stock SMPS.


      Time to hook everything back up now...




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