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  1. Thanks @antonellocaroli, Startech Fiber NIC now works with MIN kernels. Things sound very good, better than the similar PF-ST Kernel.
  2. The specs do look very good per my untrained eye. @ around 10hz they are all at least -120dbc/hz at 10Hz. Any info on the form factor? Edit: I see the photos of the form factor. This could be an interesting alternative. Will do some further digging on the thread for pricing info etc.
  3. It would be great if you (or Andrea) could provide some datasheets with specs. Is there a URL? Phase noise specs at 10MHZ appears to be one of the defacto specs which would interest us, also, frequency stability. Perhaps that will allow some of the industry pros (and those of us learning) to weigh in on performance and increase interest level :).
  4. Very informative post! Thank you. Taking a moment to process it all... As for frequencies, we are interested in 25mhz LVCMOS output in this context. It would be great if it were at least possible to equal the (supposed, and unmeasured) -125dbc/hz of my reference clock. As for programmable synthesizers, I would not know where to begin with this approach but it does sound intriguing to research further.
  5. Thank you @Superdad. The BG7TBL does provide an audible improvement in my system feeding the ER, itself powered by the LPS 1.2 @ 12v. Mine came with the FE-180 and not the DAPU. For switches which are not ready to accept reference 10mhz clock input (the Buffalo in this case) something like the CW would seem like an improvement over the stock clocks although I do not know the specs of the included clocks. I'm guessing Crystek or SiTime clocks are the only worthwhile replacements. Aside from the Uber expensive PF clock, and CW clocks, options appear to be a bit slim.
  6. Thanks Nenon, FWIW, I believe @RickyVmeant the Juniper SRX300, which is a router with the Broadcom chipset. @seeteeyoumentioned this as well when I asked the same question a page or so ago.
  7. @Nenon Ditto this. Excited for the further advancements you will bring to the DIY community. Sean Jacobs has been a pleasure for me to do business with. Great guy!
  8. Is it recommended to upgrade your pre 3.0 instance to a more current version or start from scratch? Planning to donate to register as well. Thanks
  9. Acknowledged. You could have also replaced a less prominent off the shelf LPS for all I know 😀, but I see and agree with your approach although I am indeed listening with an SMPS for now. Hopefully this changes soon.
  10. Looks very well built! What will this be replacing? Interested in your before and after impressions.
  11. @seeteeyou so you need all 4 of these files? Will try this today and report back. This is the HAT I used with the Pi4. It sounds very good 🙂 http://www.pi2design.com/store/p19/PI2AES_-_PRO_AUDIO_SHIELD.html Cheers
  12. You're welcome, all I did was look up LVCMOS OCXOs @ 25Mhz on Digikey and @Soul Analogue confirmed the results. @tgb, looking forward to your project with the OH4510LF. Best of luck, and hopefully the results are worthwhile!
  13. After a brief chat with Soul Analogue, he confirmed that the following clocks should work with the Buffalo Switches: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/connor-winfield/OH4610LF-025-0M/5641634 https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/connor-winfield/DOCSC012F-025-0M/7100177 https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/connor-winfield/DOCSC022F-025-0M/5399016 I would not know where to begin so I will do some digging and report back when time permits. Brief update on the new Mundorf Silver/Gold "24" pin ATX connector... I have doubled th
  14. This sounds interesting. It would be great if you could share some more details of the Connor Winfield clock you've used.
  15. Hi Marcin, very interested in this unit. Any chance you'll be able to provide an approximate price range? Will there be a "smaller" option for those who already have an Optimo or smaller two-rail LPSU for PCI-E cards?
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