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  1. This is true. However, I do not agree with what most others are doing with their DAC emphasis. The source and DAC are both important. Feeding a bad DAC from an SGM Extreme...I do not know if any miracles would happen but i'd love it if someone experimented. A great DAC will scale with a great source. An average DAC may be slightly improved with a better source but will not sound better than a better DAC with an equal source in my experience. That being said, I have not done a lot of tests in this space... but I have tested with my Topping and Yggdrasil DACS. I upgraded from a Toppi
  2. I had always wondered if that was the case. Thanks for the clarification!
  3. Very interesting @Nenon. Was the SJ used through the Taiko DC-ATX or was it powering the CPU directly with separate 12v rail feeding the DC-ATX unit? And/or did you compare both scenarios above with the same results? Up until now, it was understand by many that using a single rail "could" result in more audible noise, as more components share the same rail and could contaminate each other, hence the recent uptick in ATX LPSs with multiple dedicated and isolated rails. Very excited for the SR7T / Unregulated supply testing I will conduct in the next few mo
  4. I have used Linn Kazoo and MConnect. I was never able to close the MConnect app or restart my mobile device with music playing without causing the music to stop. In fact, I always wondered if the app pulls the music file down to the mobile device first and streams it to the UPNP renderer on the server. With Open Home/Linn Kazoo I could do anything I wanted with the phone (including taking a short trip to the store) and the list would continue on without the phone in close proximity. So it felt as though the server fetched the files itself with OpenHome/Linn Kazoo. Perhaps this is u
  5. Thanks for clearing that up! My guess is I will also linger around 7A as I do not upsample.
  6. @Nenon, when you say peak power consumption of your dual Xeon build hovered around 200-300W, this would be from the 12v rail I would assume. How long were those transient peaks?
  7. @Nenonyou mentioned the need to use 1 EPS input or 2 depending on the motherboard used. Does the Asus C621 Sage most of us will be using require one or two EPS inputs with dual CPUs installed? Going to try and get a head start on cabling...
  8. Very excited about the unregulated approach. When funds allow, I will likely end up building the unregulated supply to feed the Taiko DC-DC converter. It will be interesting to compare SQ with the PHSR7T vs the unregulated supply. The SR7T is no slouch, but, I would guess the unregulated supply would provide a "less restricted" means of keeping up with sudden power demands. Plus, we will get @Nenon's voicing if we follow the exact recipe. Very interested in how that would translate to my system...
  9. Up until now, I had assumed all linear supplies used regulators. Found this interesting: https://mcitransformer.com/power-supply-basics-part-1-unregulated-linear-regulated-linear/#:~:text=Unregulated Linear Power Supply&text=Apart from that%2C the basic,voltage through a filter capacitor. " Unregulated Linear Power Supply As mentioned earlier and as the name suggests, regulation of voltage isn’t involved in an unregulated linear power supply. Apart from that, the basic functions of an unregulated power supply are similar to regulated linear power supplies.
  10. Ah!! You may not need this device then. Now I too am curious.
  11. Good question. This device should be a drop-in replacement for your HDPlex 400w/800w DC-ATX converter from the sound of it. @Nenon ,Did you also power CPU EPS through your new DC-ATX converter?
  12. Very exciting update! Bravo. Now, how does one become a beta tester? I have a very good set of ears (or so i've told myself) All jokes aside, thanks for the time and dedication to this project.
  13. Yes, 2 definitely would sound better. Thank you. My question was more about how close one can get with two rails and an DC-ATX converter vs dedicated rails in a dual Xeon build. If building dual a CPU RIG only brings you slightly above a well executed i9 rig when you're limited to two rails of high quality power and an HDPlex DC-ATX converter, the entry price may not be worth it for many. If building a dual CPU rig (again limited to two rails) can substantially improve upon a well executed i7/i9 rig with the same power, this journey becomes a lot more attractive (t
  14. @DevVery good question! A question many will find tough to answer. @NenonWhile I am aware we are in the early stages of development, I would greatly appreciate if you conducted the following comparison in the future: 1. External DC4 19v into HDPlex 800W ATX-DC for minor voltages + Dedicated 12V EPS rail. 2. SOTA LPSU with dedicated rails (I assume this is the direction things are headed, but you can correct me if I'm wrong here) Yes, the first scenario is a compromise, but a compromise I am and many others may be willing to take if it means saving thou
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