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  1. Please disregard my previous post - I found my answer in this thread. cheers For anyone else with a similar question, this post REALLY helps break it down: Thanks @austinpop
  2. So many questions. Thank you ALL for the tremendous help so far. Also, my apologies if this has been answered before. I have an LPS 1.2 and I need to determine whether it makes sense to use it to power my Etherregen or to power my USB PCI-E expansion card (or Elfidenlity USB card). This decision will drive my next LPSU decisions from MPAudio.
  3. @bodiebill is the P8 on group 2 a single or dual rail unit? If single rail, have you considered switching it for the SR4 powering group 1, essentially switching the power supplies in the above usecases?
  4. Probably a silly question to respond with but what about a dedicated 19v rail into something like an HDPLEX 400W/800W DC-ATX converter directly to an expansion card? I would think even this would fare better than bus power and would sit somewhere between bus power and a dedicated LPSU direct to the card... Something like this: PaulHynes SR-7T > HDPlex DC-ATX Convert > Direct to card
  5. Unfortunately I do not have both. The Yggy A2 Unison is the highest-end DAC i've owned. The Rockna wavedream XLR was more of a recommendation because I've read subjective high praise from at least one happy Yggy A2 Unison owner. They were absolutely blown away by the Rockna. I have yet to actually hear one, let alone in my system with proper control variables in place.
  6. Very interested in the results and thanks for sharing!
  7. Intrigued by the MPAudio LSIB solution. Which enclosure did you use and is there a build thread for this? Thanks in advanced.
  8. Interested in your impressions! Sadly I do not think I have an opportunity to hear one in my system any time soon. I recently upgraded to a Yggdrasil A2 w/ Unison from a Topping DX7S. Substantial upgrade for me and I think this is where I will stay for years to come.
  9. This is awesome. For my particular usecase, I stream and currently prefer to stream my music for various reasons...so unfortunately for me removing a network is just not an option. Will consider doing this long-term when I build up a local library of music I like.
  10. So i'm trying the TG-3468 v3 NIC Card as a small experiment before the PCI-E USB controller comes in and I am pleasantly surprised so far. It sounds really good. Will give it more time before I give final impressions. Observations: Slightly lower noise floor Vocals sound less digital At the moment I am using: 1. Elidelity USB filter 2. TG-3468 v3 NIC 3. LPSU (new Keces P3) powered Arris SB8200, Ubiquiti Edgerouter X SFP & Etherregen A>B side now (LPS 1.2 powered). The Keces P3 is a compromise but I do notice an improvement in noise reduction even with the Etherregen between these devices and my server. My wife noticed a positive impact without knowing anything changed (SMPSs switched for LPSU). This makes for a very decent budget setup..but who am I to judge, I do not have an LPSU for my server yet although I have some plans in the works. Pics or it didn't happen:
  11. The review is in: Linn Kazoo + BubbleuPNP(OpenHome) > MPD + MConnect in my particular setup. A smoother presentation and no loss of dynamics. Overall GentooPlayer > Moode on my RPi renderer as well.
  12. So I've performed the steps and got everything working. Only issue is somehow the "My Tidal" tab does not appear to load. I receive an error of "Failed to Load" and a retry option in Linn Kazoo. Wondering if my favorites list is too long... Edit: Nevermind. It eventually loaded.
  13. Tidal always worked for me too with the following configuration until May13th-14th 20': Ramsystem Mode 2 MPD + UPMPCLI (Configured with Tidal credentials). Controlled by the mobile Android BubbleUPNP app.I never actually enabled BubbleUPNP server on my servers running GentooPlayer. The server itself would stream from Tidal (my preference) and I would control it via the mobile app.
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