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  1. The Pi2AES presents a tremendous price to performance ratio. I have had one for over a year and tried many OSes and configurations. I settled on GentooPlayer OS because it sounded better than Volumio and Moode at the time. My first build surpassed it fairly early on in my journey but was much more costly to put together (at least 4x the price). This is with no network optimizations and a fairly decent for the price Audioquest Forest USB cable. I will revisit this test for those curious. I'll use my Schiit Pyst USB cable to compare to the standard Mogami AED cable I use
  2. Thumbs up for an awesome system that took years to assemble! Hopefully it goes to a good home.
  3. Yes! I would say less is most certainly more in this case. thrilled with what i'm hearing..
  4. This is just awesome on a whole new level. Great work! I was proud of my CAD work on the rear panel of my Slimline 3u but this is in another league entirely. Kudos. We have the Taiko chassis coming (which I do not know if I can afford), but having other options for dual Xeon builds would be phenomenal. Would you have any interest in working on a larger chassis? I would be willing to chip in any way I can... Cheers, -Rob
  5. Yeah, at this point I'm REALLY happy with the LIM. I had some initial reservations about loss of microdetails and expressiveness in the higher frequencies (I don't find OG/A2 to be harsh in my system) but after two days I feel that LIM is most definitely a keeper and a step in the right direction for my system. The higher frequencies are smoother than before but It puts me at ease, but, totally slams when it needs to. I don't think I will be trying MIL any time soon. The actual work of switching out the analog boards and firmware was also very straightforward. Very good job Schiit. I now offic
  6. Still unsure. I really like both, in different ways. The staging hasn't change. Let me give it several weeks and then I'll switch back to OG. One summary mentioned the top end being more muted on LIM, this is true in my system. This is not necessarily a bad thing for me, but a change nonetheless. Will report back with a consensus at some point in the next few weeks. The LIM is noticeably smoother but not TOO smooth. Thanks, -Rob
  7. Hi Kevin, Good question. I just did things a bit differently: So in that portion of the circuit I went with 5 22,000uF caps instead of 2x 47,000 + 1x22,000uF. I wanted to emulate the way @Nenonconfigured his V3. I'm sure either will sound great. In retrospect, going with 2x 47,000 + 1x22,000uF would probably have saved a significant amount of enclosure space and you end up with more capacitance (110,000uF vs 116,000uF) in the last portion of the circuit. Hope this helps, -Rob
  8. I've listed to LIM all day today and it sounds absolutely stunning. A bit subdued at first but it woke up very nicely after a few hours of listening. Wondering if things will get even better with time... very happy though. OG sounded wonderful, LIM sounds wonderful in a different way.
  9. For the record, neither did I. But I too am interested in hearing @Soul Analogue's unregulated LPS and will hopefully do business with him when the time is right. There have been a lot of changes in my system lately...most of which have caused me to drift away into the beautiful world of listening. Further away from the nervosa than i've been in quite a while: 1. I upgraded the binding posts on my speakers. 2. Switched to different speaker wire. 3. Obtained a JCAT Femto XE USB card (to borrow) 4. Swapped out my Yggy's analog board for the LIM (Less is mor
  10. Installed and listening at very low volumes (my daughter is sleeping). Will leave the playlist on repeat overnight and report back tomorrow. So far it does sound good! Cheers, -Rob
  11. The LIM has arrived! Unfortunately I will not be able to listen today but I do hope to install it and get some listening in tomorrow.
  12. For those curious, the upgrade boards ARE indeed available here: https://www.schiit.com/products/yggdrasil-upgrades Happy to report I have already placed my order for LIM 😎. Cheers, -Rob
  13. Amazing write up! Thank you. I can't wait to listen to the less is more in my own system.
  14. I am using 1.5 of the Taiko EPS conbectors because my motherboard only has an 8 + 4 pin input. If I had two 8pin EPS inputs on my motherboard I would have used both. I would use both if I were you.
  15. Excellent job! The extension of the chassis worked out very well. The Panzerholz must help a lot with keeping vibrations to a minimum. Solid build!
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