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  1. I have an 8th gen NUC on the way, model NUC8i3BEH, following a helpful thread I started a few days ago. The NUC will connect via USB to my DAC. Looking at power supply options and reading lots of posts on this forum, I've come up with the following list. Are there others I should consider? I've learned that there are thoughts that SMPS can be competitive, so is there a high-quality SMPS I should be considering? The specs from Intel call for 19V and 90W. But their product compatibility page includes a 12V 84W PS that is "validated". I assume that means any PS 12-19V will work as lon
  2. Thank you all for the feedback. Based on your suggestions and a lot of reading, I have a NUC8i3BEH on the way. Now I need to select a power supply, RAM, and storage. I'll give it a try, likely end up putting it in an Akasa case, and will see how the SQ compares to my CD source, which itself is very clean. Depending on how that goes, maybe I'll dive deeper and build a more customized system. There were a couple of DAC suggestions, but my Cambridge Edge A has a nice DAC built in. When I was looking at upgrade options about a year ago, the Edge really blew me away with its
  3. I have a Cambridge Edge A integrated amp, Martin Logan Vistas, and a Denon DVD-5900 as the primary source (used for audio only) for my CD and SACD collection. I use its digital coax out direct to the Edge for CDs. Sometimes I stream Tidal from my laptop connected via USB, but I want to add something better and more permanent. I've been reading these forums and gaining knowledge, but these threads can quickly go DEEP into the weeds. I'm looking for pointers on how to start planning a PC that would be a good fit. What should my priorities be? I'm a software engineer, I have no proble
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