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  1. A buddy of mine has one of these in his system and will tell you it is the best DAC he has ever heard and I know he upgraded to it from a Chord. That being said, we were just discussing this and he would also tell you that upgrading your server does far more than upgrading your DAC. I also had a customer tell me that upgrading to Antipodes CX made far more of a difference than any DAC upgrade they ever made. I don't have equipment in this league but would tell you that moving from a PC to a Roon Nucleus did more to my system than upgrading my DACs did. I know it is a little off topic but seems like it might be relevant. Full disclosures, I am a displaying Chord dealer and have access to the Rockna and Antipodes lines. Want to disclose any bias.
  2. Helps if we list the price: $6750 vs. a regular price of $8499 and includes free shipping to the lower 48 and and any PayPal/CC Fees.
  3. This unit is the Demo Unit that we have used at AXPONA and Capital Audiofest. I have used this unit in other Demo applications so it has maybe 150 to 200 hours on it. It replaced a PS Audio BHK and paired with single ended amps was a clear step forward. Will come with a full five year warranty on the unit and six months on the tubes. Five single ended inputs, a tape loop, two single ended outputs, and a truly amazing headphone amp makes this a very special centerpiece to any system. Even better, this unit is equipped with variable gain and you can switch between 0dB and 25dB making it highly flexible for both headphone and speaker use. The same circuits are used for both making this by far the best headphone amp I have ever hear. This is a factory demo unit and will come with the full five year warranty on product, six months on the tubes. I will pay for shipping or local pickup in Greenwich, CT. No Paypal or CC fees. Sales tax only if purchased in CT. Read the review here:https://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/artaudio9/artaudio.html
  4. Price is $9749 with Ortofon TA-110 Tonearm and Cadenza Blue MC Cartridge, $7299 for the table and power-supply without the arm and cartridge. Price includes shipping to the lower 48 and any CC/PayPal Fees. This unit is being sold so we can bring in a new direct-drive turntable that will be coming from Art Audio. This is the Demo-Unit of the Composer Solo turntable and Phase 1 power supply. These must sell together as the Composer Solo has a UK power supply and the Phase 1 is needed to ensure proper power conversion. This was the analog input for our room at AXPONA - Check out our room review at part-time audiophile: https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2019/04/25/verdant-audio-art-audio-roon-musical-fidelity-ps-audio-axpona-2019/ It’s no secret that the Art Audio Composer started life as the Clarity Turntables made by Claro Engineering, the world respected aerospace engineers. However, for various reasons, this project, which was started by Claro for a client never came to fruition. At this point, Art Audio saw the potential of the basic design and took over the project and its future development. The company’s managing director and designer, Tom Willis, was well suited to this as his background was initially in electro-mechanical engineering. Technically the Composer turntables are second to none. They consist of a plinth made from black anodized aluminum machined to a tolerance of +/- 0.01mm which is mounted on three machined aluminum feet. To ensure rotational stability, the Composer has a dual motor design. These two AC motors provide excellent torque and when matched paired with the Phase 1 Power Supply, you can achieve flawless speed control. We then have the first centrally mounted CNC machined subplatter that is perfectly concentric and balanced.
  5. Price is $4299 discounted from $4999. Shipping in the lower 48 and any CC/Paypal fees are included. This is the manufacturers demo of the Vinyl One Copper Reference. This is fitted with variable gain which is controlled via a nob on the back. The Vinly One does not have a built in rumble filter to eliminate sub-sonic noise so I will include a KAB Electro Acoustics KAB RF1. First round of demo units are all available as we don't want these demos to get to old before they find a forever home. All are less than a year old and the bulk of use came at AXPONA and CAF. This unit is boxed up and ready to ship. It is in perfect condition. NOTE: This unit does not have a volume control on the front. There is no nob. It has a gain control on the back. You will see this unit in the right rack, on the second shelf from the top. It is the silver unit with no nobs. The sound on this unit is to die for and you will need to step up to something quite a bit more expensive to exceed it. I have paired with with a Lyra Kleos and Ortofon Cadenza Blue and in both cases the results were spectacular. The Vinyl One Copper Reference is the best of our world class valve phono stages. It works with both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges. Like the base Vinyl One, it is a class-A, phase-correct design that uses a single 12AX7 per channel, one 12AX7 as cathode follower, and a 6FQ7 in its power supply. Its moving-magnet section provides 50dB of gain, with the moving-coil providing an additional 20dB. The input impedance is 100 ohms, and sensitivity is 2.25mV. Its rated frequency response is 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 1dB (moving magnet), 10Hz - 20kHz (moving coil). The Vinyl One is 18"W x 4"H x 10"D. Just like the Copper Reference amplifiers, this is also wired using only continuous cast copper and is fitted with Art Audio's Silver Foil Coupling Capacitors. The power supply in the Vinyl One Copper Reference is further enhanced with non electrolytic capacitors across the filter caps. I cover shipping and CC fees. Sales Tax if sold in CT.
  6. We have just lowered the price on these to $14,000 even. That means you are getting all of the upgrades for free on these amazing amps as the base Quartet price is $13,999 in black with no lums, lights or XLR connections.
  7. ASKING PRICE is $14,200. I will cover shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 and any paypal or CC fees. These are the US Demo Units that we used at AXPONA, Capital Audiofest and the amps that were reviewed by Enjoy The Music. They are in perfect condition though the stock tubes have a few hours on them. These amps are upgraded in several ways: - Polished stainless steel chassis - Lums & Blue Lights - XLR Connections Shipping is in included as are paypal fees and will have a full five year warranty, six months on the tubes. Read the review here: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/superioraudio/equipment/1119/Art_Audio_Quartet_Vacuum_Tube_Monoblock_Amplifier_Review.htm When we were looking to design an amplifier that could deliver the power of push pull designs and the sheer musicality of lower power single end designs, we settled for the 845 push pull combination and the Quartet was born. 845s are the king of tubes in terms of soundstage and the Quartets will not disappoint. They deliver a massive soundstage that is wide and deep. These are wonderfully musical amplifiers with lots of power and with the high frequency extension of a 300b. They are fitted with MKP capacitors and carbon film resistors. These amps also feature automatic biasing and have a solid state, twin choke, filtered power supply. Rectified dc heater supply with twin pye filters. Auto bias set for 85 mA @ 750v. Solid state twin choke power supply. Specifications: Power – 45w Type - Push Pull 845 Power Tube Frequency Response - 10hz to 65,000hz +/- 0.5dB at 1W Frequency Response - 20hz to 50,000hz +/- 1.0dB at Full Power Input Sensitivity - 700mv Input Impedance - 180 KΩ Output Impedance - 4&8ΩTaps Noise at Speaker Terminals - Typically 3mv Feedback – 6dB Biasing – Automatic Electronic Rectifier - Solid State Drivers - ECC 82 and 12BH7
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