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  1. I suspect you just don't like the sound of the Dentons, plain and simple. Always a big risk if you can't demo. Can you return them? I would have just got some powered monitors like suggested earlier; Focal, JBL, Dynaudio...
  2. I'd continue troubleshooting cause it could be a simple fix. It's 100% the crossover or the tweeter. Going off old photos, the crossover PCB can be neatly detached with an allen key. It's going to be similar to the PCB from the F12 shown on the Stereophile website review, except the F32 also had funky variable resistors and switches to set different crossover values for bass and treble. Have you already tried adjusting the tweeter level dial? Maybe one of those resistors has shorted, or there's a discontinuity going from crossover input to the tweeter plus or minus terminals. You could check that with a multimeter if you can get at the crossover. If it's the tweeter, well the brochure says the F32 is a 3-way with crossover frequencies of 190hz and 2.7khz, 86.5db senstivity, 6.5ohms nominal impedance. Photos show the F32's tweeter uses a standard circular faceplate (rather than the proprietary recessed waveguided unit in the F12). Finding suitable replacements (for both speakers) that fit the basic specs from Seas/Scanspeak etc, could be easy, and given you have tweeter level adjustment controls on the crossover, it could well bring a very good change as well as a complete fix. To test if it's the tweeter, you could unscrew it, unplug it and test continuity again, plus swap in the one from the other speaker / vice versa. If you wanted to dispose of them, you could make an ebay listing as "parts only" and "local pickup only" (there should be less crazies on Ebay, and well, you can make them pay beforehand).
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