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  1. I don't know if it is the right place for this topic (?) but this is just an information for the people who live in Europe like me, and would like to get the Ethernet cables from "cable matters", in order to connect it to the "B" port of the EtherREGEN, as it has be reported in the forum. It is quite diffcult to get these cables in Europe, but Amazon do ship to Europe from this URL: https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-Ethernet-10Gbps-25Gbps/dp/B07FF93G44?th=1 I hope this will help.
  2. I did look on eBay but, when it relates to cablematters, I have only seen USB cables, not RJ45 cables. Can you give me the eBay URL where you have seen it ??
  3. I live in France and cannot buy this cable from Amazon, not directly from Cablematters website. Do you know another source that would ship to France ??
  4. Well I have recently decided to follow the route of removing all the SMPS that may affect the sound quality. My LAN config will soon be available on my website (I will edit this post to insert the link) but here are the main things to know: 1st Floor: NAS1 + NAS2 ---> NetGear Switch with stocked SMPS ---> going to the Main D-Link 24 ports switch located at Ground Floor. Ground Floor: Main D-Link 24 ports switch receiving all the Ethernet connexions from the house + Orange LiveBox (providing internet access) + my room dedicated to my main HiFi system (URL will follow). Before going further you have to know that the main 24 ports switch has its own internal 230V power supply so I cannot replace its P.S. I have started by replacing the SMPS feeding the Netgear Switch at the 1st Floor by an LPS: an AMB Sigma 11 delivering 12V that I had previously built. This is NOT the main switch, but just a switch onto the 2 NAS are connected. The Music is stored on NAS1. Incredible: the improvement is clearly audible: more detail, clearer notes, etc.... This convinced me that "bits are not just bits", or in other words, that the switches do matter more than I suspected. I have been in the IT world for 30 years, so it was difficult for me to accept the idea that a switch may affect the SQ. I have then installed the EtherREGEN yesterday in my dedicated room, and let it powered ON during the night. My God: the improvement is just unbelievable !! The EtherREGEN achieves an incredible and unexpected SQ improvement ! On my high resolving system the iprovement is really unexpected. Regarding its price, the SQ improvement is unbelievable. Period. So I will continue to try to improve the SQ by removing the remaining SMPS (Orange Livebox) and try a Masterclock and a LPS on the EtherREGEN. I have not clearly understood the technology inside the EtherREGEN, but this device is a wonderful success... More to come in the coming days....
  5. @Superdad: One of these units is for me !! 🙂 (ordered from Audiostore in the UK), so I agree: your priority is so build them < LoL... I am an engineer, I have been working in IT for decades and I have a "high end" system... I perform a lot of audio devices reviews for my website (I do not give its URL because it is not my objective) so when I first read that a switch can make a difference, I have immediatly thought that it was again a snake, similar to the " best DAC of all times" that wins over the previous "best DAC of all times" reviewed last month... But I had a good LPS left in my stock so last week I decided to make a test: just replace the stock SMPS of a secondary switch (my NAS1 and NAS2 are connected on this switch) by this high quality LPS: waouh (!) this is a big improvement... I perfectly know the differences about other digital stuff including cables, but I did not believe that a switch could make a difference: so I promise you a full review of the EtherREGEN in my high end system when I receive it ! Stay far from the virus !
  6. Yes Frojo, I have got improvement on a simple Netgear switch too, so I am sure to get an improvement on the EtherReGEN , I just try to collect feedbacks from people
  7. Hi, I plan to feed all my switches with LPS in the near future. There are 3 switches in my house. The main one is a D-Link 24 ports, with its own internal P.S.as it is directly connected to the 230V, so I will take care of it later. I have already replaced the SMPS of a small NETGEAR switch (1st Floor) on which the NAS hosting the music files is connected, by an AMB Sigma 11 LPS (12V). This has generated a significant improvement of the sound quality ! As I have been in IT for 25 years, it was difficult for me to accept that a switch can make a difference, but on my high end system the improvement is clear ! Therefore I study what would be the best LPS for an Uptone EtherREGEN switch (ground floor) on which the HiFi system will be connected (it's a PC dedicated to music, running Foobar). So my question is: have you compared different LPS on the EtherREGEN (or on your audio switches) and what is "the best" in your opinion ? I have received strong recommandations for the Paul Haynes LPS, but maybe you have experimented other LPS with your audio switches ? Thank you,
  8. Thank you charlesphoto: I have just replaced the stock swtched P.S. by an AMB Sigma 11 Low noise Linear P.S. that I had in stock. The DC cable is about 50cm made of OFC cable. I could make it shorter: 20cm is enough... I will lesson tomorrow to see if I hear an improvement. I should receive a major piece of equipment late of April, and I will continue to improve the setup of my LAN. Meantime I will remove every SMPS on the LAN, including the Internet Box P.S. For doing this I have to manage to output 2A from another Sigma 11 that I have in stock: this requires better heatsinks.... The SMPS stock adapter provided with my Internet box is rated 2A, I don't know if it really needs 2A but it is not easy to check, so I have to design the heasink as if 2A are required...
  9. Hi, I read from time to time that a DC cable can be optimized. Do you know how to improve a DC cable (I mean how to build a better DC cable), used between a LPS and the device itself ? see attached photo. Thank you
  10. There can be a LOT of possible causes: NAS, Network (switch), PC,... so we have to investigate... First of all, check that your NAS currently runs the latest Firmware version. Secondly, perform on your NAS a DEEP disks analysis to check if any problem is detected on your hard drives: there is such an option somewhere in DSM (the Synology operating system) to perform such a deep and complete analysis of your disks. If the deep analysis reports no problem, we can suppose that the disks are OK. Be aware that the disks analysis can be very long... If the disks are OK, this does not necessarily mean that the NAS is OK: it may have an issue on its motherboard arising only after a period of working time but... You say that this happens after 45mn, so this may indicate that the problem arrives when a component (which one ?) reach a higher temperature than when it is cold. Try to let your PC (or whatever device that reads the files from your NAS) work all along the night, for example by running a batch of video encoding (this should ensure that the various parts of your PC are "hot"), and test again : if the problem occurs quicker than in your previous tests, this means that the problem relates to the temperaure of your PC. If the problem still occurs after the same period of time than usual, then the cause might be more complex to find...
  11. Hi, With a friend we are about to do our first step in the "audio switch" world and we have a question between 2 possible solutions. We would lke to know what device you consider "as the best" between: -The Uptone audio EtherREGEN + Paul Pang 10 MHz external reference clock -The Paul Pang OCXO switch We know that the improvement is probably "system dependant", but we just ask for your opinion... Thank you
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