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  1. @David Craff I just came across the keyboard shortcuts section in the Qobuz app for macos. In the "Global actions" section at the top the third and fourth shortcuts list the key "MAJ". I had to do some searching online to find out that it is a keyboard abbreviation of French for "Uppercase". Since all of the instructions are in English I thought it would be helpful to at least add "(SHIFT)" next to "MAJ" or to replace it all together.
  2. I've been using Qobuz on my Mac (currently macos Catalina 10.15.3) for about 8 months and have yet to find a good solution for tracks that have stop loading. I'll be listening to many tracks without a problem and then one will get about 10 or 15 seconds into a track and then it just stops playing. In place of the "play" triangle is a spinning circle that never stops spinning and the loading progress will not change. Starting another song and then going back to the original song doesn't fix anything and neither does clearing the cache. I simply have to just stop listening to that song and move on to another. I would appreciate any insight regarding dealing with this issue. Thanks. Along the same lines of streaming issues I just experienced a track stopping every five or so seconds. The track is loading, but moves a very tiny fraction of the bar forward every 15 to 20 seconds. At this rate I'd say it would take close to 10 minutes to load the track and it is usually just a 16 bit track. My current download speed is 208 Mbps so the load time should be only a couple seconds. I'd appreciate anyone's insight as to how to address this issue. Thanks.
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