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  1. I am also a noob but i would recomend anything made by jbl or klipsch. You can get decent deals on Polk audio or Dayton.
  2. I have to say build you a computer so I get what u want. I build gaming computers. Getting a unknown board sounds risky.
  3. Ok so I'm considering ordering a Yamaha RS202 2 channel stereo reciever with Bluetooth. I have two 6 1/2 inch B.I.C. America venturi bookshelf speakers DV64. I have a somewhat small room. I feel like this will be a good way for me to just chill and listen to music with Bluetooth on my phone. I asked a question about the pa speakers in my room. Took the advice got rid of them. I just want clear decent sound. Theres the pic so u have a idea of the room.
  4. Ok last week I recived a set of Rockville RSG12 passive PA speakers and a Technical Pro ia25u amp as a gift. I feel like the amp is a pice of crap. But i think the speakers are actually pretty nice. I only need them for music. And its just the right and left speaker. But my question is. Is it ok to use these speakers the way I am using them. I plan to get a rockville amp with Bluetooth so i can use my phone instead of a USB stick. Also I am pretty sure that this technical pro amp is not 600 watts like it says. It seems week
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