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  1. F208Frank

    HQ Player

    Does anyone here have experience with combining Roon with HQplayer (without using upsampling)? Do you find that HQplayer along with Roon sounds better than just Roon by itself? Thank you in advance!
  2. If you decide to go for a paid service like Qobuz or Tidal, keep in mind that Qobuz has little bit less titles but without the headaches of dealing with MQA.
  3. Whatever works for you is fine, nothing is dumb in audio, well almost nothing.
  4. Price drop to $2700 for quick sale. I cover PayPal fees and shipping. Thanks.
  5. Hi, few months old SP2000 first owner, have references from other sites with same exact handle name. Comes with original boxes, stock case, receipt showing bought brand new 1st owner few months old, as well as extra Dignis Leather Case and extra Dignis Carrying Pouch. Looking for $2750. Thanks.
  6. Little off topic but Qobuz plus Roon does make recommendations, just need to play songs under albums, same with Tidal.
  7. Wow that response was very time consuming and next level. Appreciate that. Hope you get some blessings soon!
  8. I do not even know what the use of tags are, I see people talk about them, and this is completely new to me. I got both Roon and Lumin at the same time so it is a little bit overwhelming.
  9. Sorry last few quick questions: For "group album by" album artist or song artist what's the difference? What is "search mode" difference between filter and find? What does "composer tab" off and on do?
  10. Fair enough, sorry did not realize that.
  11. What does "Follow Now Playing" and "Disable Auto Lock" in the Lumin App do? Thanks in advance!
  12. Qobuz sounds better to me, I also left Tidal due to MQA. MQA is nonsense and I am glad I am not supporting it any further.
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