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  1. Hi All I am currently building a setup to be used for Multi-Room Audio in my house however the plan was to use RPI + VOLT + BOSS DAC however i see the BOSS DACare out of Stock. My other DAC Option is Piano 2.1 however i am not sure if it will work with RPI + VOLT AMP. Can anyone tell me if this is Compatibility or do you suggest i wait for BOSS DAC Availability.
  2. Hi All , i was looking to purchase this bundle from Allo but the product description does not mention if the PI Zero that bundle comes with is the PIZero W or Just the Pi Zero. Does anyone know which version of the PI Zero the Miniboss player plus come with.
  3. Hi , i am looking at the same product and wondering if the pi zro that it comes with is the pi zero w which has the wifi or if it is just the pi zero with no wifi
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