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  1. Thanks a lot for this. Great info. for a buddy that wants to buy my Benchmark -or if i sell it.
  2. Thanks again Solstice380. It may have been one of your first posts, but during reading everything on this thread I called Benchmark. The contact I always speak with when I need something technical taken care of, he is the one that gets me up and running, though he is a sales manager and not an engineer. But, he's fairly certain that the Benchmark would indeed see the DSD64 signal (DACs max rate) and still apply it's own hardware filters. I trust he would know just by the knowledge which he speaks regarding their DACs. Given how much I've learned today, I think it would be great community knowledge if someone with more background in this area could call Benchmark to get a reason as to why their DACs may do this re-filtering. This information could then possibly be used to help others in choosing DACs when they have decided to add HQPs filters as an option in their audio systems --without any hardware mucking up HQP sound. Just a thought, because the question I posted today seems to be a fairly common misunderstanding for a lot of high fidelity/music fans out there who are now just beginning to learn what software can bring to their end game sound quality pursuits.
  3. Hello Rikhav, After some discussion today on a thread I started, I too was under this same impression. However, I remembered a time when it was suggested I change some jumpers on my Benchmark HGC2 DAC. Before I did, and just today, i remembered reading quickly about something regarding the DACs filter and how it takes in and lets go of a signal. Anyway, after this discussion started to confuse me a bit this afternoon, I called Benchmark and spoke with the lead sales rep. A great guy who has always helped me with every tech problem I've had, and solved them. So, when I gave him a basic idea of how HQP uses filters, including the ability to upsample to DSD64. This is the highest DSD the DAC will upsample to, and Kent (the Benchmark contact) was close to 100% certainty that the Benchmark HGC2, and HGC3 for that matter, would indeed take HQPs signal and resample it yet again so the DAC would know it is releasing the parameters and sound quality it should be outputting. Now, he assured me he is not the engineer, but also assured me that no one at Benchmark, that he knows of, uses HQP, and suggested I go straight to the developer to ask this specific question -so I would know for sure. I hope this helps, though I'm sure you've figured it out. I'll post the thread from today, but I'm sure you know most if not all information we discussed.
  4. Thanks for the list StreamFidelity. Here's a quick list I found earlier: https://www.audiostream.com/content/non-oversampling-nos-dacs-list I've been very curious about r2r DACs and how it all works. I'd love to make one someday, but i'm sure the Youtube videos make it all seem easier then it would be, maybe some day soon. How do you like the Terminators sound?
  5. Oh, yeah, i see what you refer to. No, it didn't have a question mark, but it was more a question in trying to understand if that was indeed what the poster above was speaking of. Anyway, it seems it's not the case with all DACs. And, unfortunately, as far as a Benchmark rep knows, it will resample HQPs filter(s). But they suggested to ask the players developer due to them not knowing HQ at all, but I suspect they know enough about their hardware to have a definitive answer. Too bad my other DACs were on loan to audio pals during my HQP trial period. But, they're not NOS, though are Native DSD.
  6. Before I asked posted the original question i had no idea about NOS DACs. But, the more i'm reading about them and they do sound interesting. Especially one that AudioNote makes...a kit I think.
  7. I wish part of what you describe were true with my Benchmark DAC (can't say for sure). I thought the same may be true, after reading an above post, regarding feeding a DAC a "native" upsampling rate, however, with speaking to a Benchmark rep, a good sales manager who knows a lot of the engineering inside of their gear, claims that giving the Benchmark a DSD64 file will still be filtered through Benchmarks hardware. Now, he's not one of their engineer's (I've spoken with him before) but he didn't seem to know of HQ player and thought it best to get it straight from the horses mouth. I think, for right now anyway, I'll just stick to Native DSD.
  8. What do you mean "Is that so?" I made no statement only questions. How can you ask a question about other questions?
  9. Thanks Solstice. Geez, this really explains things for me. So, in a sense, or rather a very real actuality, any DAC that does not support NOS should not be used with HQP due to the DACs filters defeating the work the HQP filters do? If this is the case, someone mentioned that I would not need new hardware to use HQP --more accurately, to use HQP with its filters. It sounds like having a NOS DAC is what I need to hear the real benefits of HQP. As a side question to this, do DACs that claim to support Native DSD put a filter in the signals path? The Lampizator DAC looks interesting, which model do you have and how do you like it?
  10. So, this statement is why I asked the questions in the previous post. So, your saying your DAC is running at its default settings (given that some DACs can upsample?) while you use HQP to do any upsample you may want?
  11. No not easy to understand at all, but do keep -3db in Audirvana (as I will in HQP) for any changes I choose to use for headroom as well as for the times my girlfriend listens to music, where 50% of it is very highly compressed stuff. Regarding your post. There are some tracks where I find PCM better too, but most music I listen to i enjoy DSD. So, I thought the whole reason for needing filters, aside from the DACs filters, was during upsampling or resampling to another format. So, if your original file is PCM, and not listening to upsampled PCM, do the HQP filters make any alterations to the music signal? Shouldn't your DACs filters be all that is needed when listening to a straight file? Sorry if I missed something, do you mind restating in case i did miss something or a lot of somthings? And this all brings up another question, can I resample some PCM files to DSD w/o filters in HQP? thanks
  12. Wow, yep, and there it is. Just to clarify for others, I found it in the installation directory.
  13. Perfect, thanks a lot Biosailor! I think this at least gives me a direction to look. For me, it's cost is 50% percent of a new 2a3 tube pair or a AudioNote cap which i'm putting into a DAC and two amps -all of which would have immediate and noticeable improvements...and I would know why. I've been trying to equate HQPlayer to what little I've learned about SOX filters in Audirvana, but even there, PhD acoustic engineers have a hard time understanding what an 'open source' piece of software is really doing via it's filters, nonetheless, some information is out there. I wonder why the whole audio sampling/upsampling thing seems as though it's in the dark, when things like visual filters/upsampling and interpolation techniques have been dissected and turn inside out to understand what is going on? Anyway, thanks again.
  14. thanks for the lack of information, but nah, not going to spend money just to select options that must be there for real and creative uses. Even on board ESS chip filters have simple enough explanations, I'm not asking for a book here.
  15. Hello, I downloaded and tried a demo of HQPlayer. I enjoyed its sound more than Audirvana. However, the more i looked into this player the more my head started hurting. For example, just the resampling filters, not to mention the Delta-Sigma conversion options have me wondering how I am ever going to hear the best this software can sound to my liking? My technical background is really non-existent when it comes to audio...especially the DSD side of things. What made question even more was this idea of 'no DAC being the best DAC'. What the F*** does this mean? I found this over at AudioDesignguide.com, where it lists a hardware deviced called a DSD2 here: https://puredsd.ru/ I enjoy DSD a lot right now, via Audirvana, with my Benchmark HGC2, Topping D90 and a Musical Paradise tube DAC that I can roll different DAC modules into, which are currently AK4490 and ESS3098Pro modules and a soon to release AK4499 module. My first question is in regards to the player, how does a lay person learn about all mentioned options available with the desktop version of HQplayer? What does something like the DSD2 do for the sound quality when paired with HQPlayer? I mean, should I just run with the DACs I have and learn about the players options before I start looking into hardware options? I'm really at a loss as to whether to buy or not. I'm sure I'm missing a page or paper that explains all the players options, but I'm not an engineer, I just like music a lot. I don't want to use it with Roon, I don't care if it sounds better than this or that or about any of the many common questions you see. I want to learn about using the player to shape the DSD sound to that which I like best. thanks a lot folks, vv
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