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  1. Hello, does anyone know if from the Auralic Lightning App I can create playlists that consists of Music that I have stored locally as well as Qobux/Tidal streaming songs? Is there a way I can sync Auralic Playlists back to Qobuz/Tidal? Above functionality exists in the Aurender Conductor App but I am not sure the Lightning DS app does the same. Thanking you in advance for any feedback..
  2. Sonore support suggest I change my DHCP Lease time. It is now one hour, so changed that to 2 days. I also did not look what colour the LED was when it happens
  3. The unit is warm but not hot. I can still touch it easily without hurting myself. I did a post on the Sonicorbiter forum and already got some angles Thanks
  4. Hi all, have been using my opticalRendu for a few months now. Very happy with the sound quality. I do have an issue though. Every now and then (a few times per week) the opticalRendu suddenly stops playing (disappears from Roon) When I want to connect through a browser this does not work. The only thing that I can do, is to unplug the power and plug it back. Then it works normally. I checked the software, uninstalled and reinstalled the apps. The problem does not go away. Any ideas on what to do? I use the Farad Super3 Power supply (7V)
  5. @vortecjr Hi. This happens only when I switch TO MQA. When I switch back everything is normal. Maybe someone worth mentioning is that I upsample non MQA music to DSD256 (see screenshots), that my DAC is MQA Decoder and Renderer and that it plays NativeDSD as well. I configured it as such in the sonicOrbiter configuration screen (attached as well) I hope this clarifies my situation
  6. I have an opticalRendu with a Topping MQA D90. Running Roon Rock as well. When I switch from DSD to MQA I hear a noise comparable to putting the needle in a vinyl record with the volume quite loud. When I go back from MQA to DSD then no sound. Before the opticalRendu is used a Mac as streamer and this did not happen. Any ideas what it cause and how it can be fixed? Already changed resync delay in Roon but that does not help. Thanks for your thoughts.
  7. Hi Chris, thanks for the wonderful review(s) which I now read more than once 🙂 I am currently trying out an opticalRendu which I like a lot. I got a basic ifi Power Supply. After all the information in the review I would say I have one question left: Would you say that the opticalRendu with the Turbo Power Supply provides the same sound quality as the Signature Rendu SE with that same power supply (both with the optical connection. Signature Rendu with the Tier 2 upgrade) Thanks in advance for your reaction Kind regards
  8. Anyone knows what the expected burn-in time is for the opticalRendu? Appears a bit cold for the moment after my first impressions
  9. @André GosselinI never have both simultaneously. So either the opticalModule or the EtherREGEN was used at a specific moment. The chain: Internetmodem- Fiber cable - Switch - AudioQuest Diamond RJ45 - OpticalModule (or EtherREGEN) - Fiber Cable - opticalRendu
  10. @André Gosselin thanks for your reply. I switched everything off and put the networkcable in a different port in the main switch and that seemed to help. I guess the network was confused because of me changing things. I also have an opticalModule that I connected. I have to say that EtherREGEN seems to have a stronger effect on the sound quality than the opticalModule. The sound of the opticalRendu is now very dynamic and super clean
  11. Just found out that this only happens on the B-side of my EetherREGEN that is connected to it. Works well on the A-side. I am puzzled...
  12. Hi all, received my opticalRendu today. Worked well straight out of the box but after half an hour complained on the streaming speed (Roon) and stopped playing. restarted the machine. Started playing agian and after a few minutes same issue. Now it does not even seem to come up. Any thoughts or suggestions would be highly appreciated...
  13. I have a switch with SFP ports and I would like to connect the opticalRendu using either opticalModule or uptone EtherREGEN (RJ45 from switch to eR with high quality cable) and then fiber cable directly to the opticalRendu. Anyone has any experience comparing these two options and a preference?
  14. Hi @davide256 thanks for your post.It seems we share a similar goal 🙂 I am replacing a combined Streamer DAC. RaspberryPI Streamer 4x 1794 Non Oversampling DAC with an EtherREGEN in front of it with an AudioQuest Diamond Ethernet.Upstreamm the EtherREGEN is connected through optical fiber to an opticalModule I bought a Topping D90 MQA and liked it so much I want to buy the opticalRendu and sell the old DAC and keep the D90. I have the feeling I will not need my EtherREGEN anymore with the opticalModule in front. What do you think?
  15. @FileMakerDevThat is a very nice configuration. Can I safely assume there were good reasons to take the better components?
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