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  1. Hi salaryman I did not test the new firmware with Windows because I switched to Linux. (Daphile music server) With the Amanero ASIO driver, the transmission of DSD512 should actually work. The T + A driver does not work with this firmware! If I find the time, I will test the DAC on a Windows 10 PC with the Amanero ASIO driver to see whether it works with the firmware. Best regards and a nice weekend. fantasia
  2. Hello everybody I am happy to inform you that the very latest firmware CPLD 1082, 2006be15r2 works perfectly on my Daphile music server !! I didn't expect a better sound quality! Kudos to the Amanero developers! Keep it up and a very good USB module will be even better! Therefore, I give it the absolute green light and good luck with flashing! Best regards fantasia
  3. Firmware 2006be13 update Unfortunately I have to tell you that the latest firmware on my system is not running properly again. (Daphile 20.07) It sounds paradoxical but sometimes she plays everything correctly and sometimes not at all !! (hiss, whir, dropouts) So I definitely cannot recommend the 2006be13! Now I will flash the DAC back to the very good 2006be11. With this the music server runs flawlessly !! Maybe there are other users who have the same or similar problems. I am very grateful for feedback, suggestions and tips. Best regards
  4. Hello music lovers After another attempt, I would like to inform you that the latest Linux firmware 2006be13 plays perfectly. Switching the DAC back and forth from PCM / DSD / PCM now works perfectly! After consultation with Amanero it turned out that at the time of the first Flas ho the web server did not forward the file correctly to the Amanerotool !! I would like to point out that the Amanerotool needs at least 5 seconds after selecting the CPU firmware selection before the flash process to transfer the firmware !!!! This gives me the green light and the previous entry is invalid !! I
  5. Firmware 2006be13 Feedback I am happy to share my experience with the new firmware 2006be13 and the DAC8 DSD. The DAC has significant problems with data recognition !! With PCM he recognizes DSD64, but occasionally no sound whistles and it makes noise! PCM audio files are not played at all, regardless of the resolution! In addition, the DAC no longer automatically switches from DSD to PCM, not even after restarting the server and the DAC! Conclusion: The firmware 2006be13 is definitely junk! I just flashed back to 2006 be11 !! This runs perfectly, even without crackling betw
  6. Hi Barrows Thank you for your post! Since I am interested in your DAC, I followed the link to the DAC and was able to learn a lot about Daphile, which I also use and is my new reference! http://www.audiodesignguide.com/DSC1/index.html I will test the audio settings that harmonize optimally with the Amanero Combo384 board, as well as the new firmware 2006b13. (T + A DAC 8 DSD) Thanks again and continue to enjoy your music! Best regards
  7. Good day Despite very good and intensive research and the great support from OE333, the firmware could not be successfully updated with the system tool from T + A! As described in OE333, the device No. 2. I was able to establish the connection without any problems and the Connect Test also worked perfectly! Immediately after starting the flash button, an error occurred and the thing was almost done. Unfortunately I was also unable to successfully flash the DAC with the last hope using the Revovery function! My device is on the way to T + A for repair. Caution is called for! Think
  8. Dear music lovers I am annoyed by the contradictory statements regarding firmware updates from Amanero and T + A. Amanero writes the firmware runs perfectly on Windows and Linux! T + A writes amanero does not offer suitable firmware for a long time that supports both operating systems! The aim is to equip the DAC with the firmware that enables DSD256 + on a Linux PC. (DSD128 remove restriction) It is idiotic and incomprehensible that the DAC has to be sent to the T + A factory to update the firmware. These circumstances motivated me to do this myself! Since there are many
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