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  1. Not at rates up to 768pcm. 1.536 pcm my ER is the choke point. Otherwise no issues. Are u getting problems with the switch?
  2. Yes. Hqplayer NAA on sms-200ultra neo. My chain is: Ethernet -> snh-10g -> fiber -> ER -> 200ultra neo -> txusbultra -> Singxer su-6
  3. Hi Calum I got in touch with May from SOtM and she suggested to stick with a single mode setup. So in the end, that's what I did, got some sfp modules and single mode cable and everything is working fine for me.
  4. I gave the fiber ends/ferrules a good clean before using them. I bought a fiber optic cable and port cleaner off amazon.
  5. Roasty

    LPS for NUC

    What model NUC are you using? Reason I'm asking is because the i7 models have higher wattage requirements. The Farad Super 3 does not supply enough current for models like nuc8i7beh. Mattijs does say he is in the midst of coming out with a high current model for use with these nucs.
  6. It's the same functionality as any other hdmi cable.
  7. I was previously using audioquest hdmi cables between my singxer su-6 and matrix audio MQA X-Sabre Pro and Holo Spring 2 Wild Edition. I took a gamble on the hdmi2 cable from Peter and ordered it alongside the lush2 usb. I installed the lush2 into my system and it was a nice improvement, but the real winner was when I placed the hdmi2 cable into the chain about a week later. The hdmi2 has simply amazing transparency and clarity. Every detail in the music comes out so effortlessly. There was also some amazing bass and slam. What stood out most was the imaging and holographic feeling that was immediately apparent. I have only been using it with the config it was shipped in. To be honest, I don't know where to begin with the jumper options. Anyways, I enjoyed the hdmi2 so much, that I ordered a second one to hook up with my other dac. I am actually extremely surprised there is not more talk on this i2s cable.. I'm now curious about the xlr2 interconnects that Peter has, which he says may be his best cable yet!
  8. So I just set up an SOtM stack (200ultra neo, snh-10g, txusbultra) with full mods and clocks. Using planet tech sfp modules and singlemode patch cable from the snh-10g to the ER. DSD sounds really really good now. I usually prefer PCM as I felt it sounded more dynamic, with clearer highs and more impactful bass. But now I'm really enjoying DSD upsampling. Have some FINISAR sfp modules on the way; supposedly these are "better" than the ones I have, well according to the folks on the sotm switch thread on whatsbestforum. Setting up the ER for fiber use was a breeze. Good job for including that option, Uptone guys! My cable mess right now. I think I've really gone overboard with my headphones setup. On occasion, I wonder what it would be like to go back to full basic and stock mode and remove everything out of the chain. With supplied power cables and basic interconnects, usb cables and ethernet cables.. But right now it seems like the point of no return.
  9. Hey guys! quick question.. according to the description on the ER page: The circuitry across the ADIM™ (moat) is designed to eliminate the signal-borne phase-noise from one side to the other. EtherREGEN is mostly symmetrical—there is no “dirty side” or “clean side.” But the general recommendation is for the ER "B" side to be connected to the dac/streamer side correct? because although "phase noise" between the ports on the A side is reduced, it is not reduced as much as over the A-B moat. so in what instance/situation would someone want to reverse it? ie go from B side to A.
  10. I saw the Supersonic Stabilizer on Herbie's website. What did u think of it? I bought a black magic usb cable and they gave a free sample of some nano discus which I thought didn't change anything sound wise no matter where I placed it. Also thanks everyone else for the links for the stands. Going to order some to try.
  11. ha ha ha! you are absolutely right about the ER. silly me..! The ER is great and i wouldnt remove it. but just feel like trying something new and see what it brings to the table. The SNH-10G seems to fit the bill; looks good, supposedly sounds good, lots of ports etc.
  12. thanks very much for that. you are right, it looks like copper.
  13. hi all am considering the SNH-10G, and am new to fiber. SOtM website says "You will need to use the converter and module for SFP connections with the sNH-10G, here you can use the single mode lc to lc duplex cables and these type of products...." question: does it have to be a single mode type or can i use multimode transceivers and patch cable?
  14. Thank you very much, David! i do not have the SOtM switch yet. I recently bought the sMS-200Ultra Neo + SPS-500 to use as a Roon and HQPlayer naa endpoint, and to replace an intel NUC which i'm redesignating as Roon/HQplayer core, and placing the NUC in another room. as usual, curiosity got the better of me, and i am reading up on the SOtM switch and the txultrausb unit as well. i assume my whole house (condo unit) is on the same mains switch. i guess the SOtM switch is on the cards regardless; to be honest i'm not sure if an audiophile switch will even make a difference, or whether i'm just looking for an excuse to spend some money. i'll probably give it a try, as well as try out a fiber connection just to satisfy my curiosity. is this the startech cable you were referring to? https://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-SFP-H10GB-CU2M-Compatible-10-Gigabit-Ethernet-Passive/dp/B00B3T6BFU/ref=sr_1_19?dchild=1&keywords=Startech+sfp&qid=1590537077&sr=8-19 **edit i just saw this from an audiophile style review and interview with SOtM: Q : How to use the optical ports? What is the benefits of the ports? A : The SFP ports on sNH-10G can also bring benefits from the filtering feature which were explained on above. But we recommend using RJ45 ports with the good quality network cable like dCBL-CAT7 & iSO-CAT6 combination over using the optical ports, because the connection with RJ45 and dCBL-CAT7&iSO-CAT6 could bring the better sound quality than SFP ports. anyhow, if i do get the switch, i will probably give fiber a try just to see if it does make a difference or not. the cost of the startech cable is not prohibitive.
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