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  1. They may have wanted to keep it quiet too
  2. Looking into the mQa fan page it’s seems to have been supplied to them directly, nothing in the press as yet which seems strange
  3. That line has so many connotations 🤣
  4. It will be interesting to see if we get mangled 24bit versions out of their archives or just converted 16/44.1 re hashes like Warners delivered to the consumer a few months ago
  5. A waste of effort on Sony’s part to be quite honest
  6. It seems Sony’s joined the mQa roll out so the format has still got some steam left in it
  7. It’s all gone pretty quiet since @GoldenOneouting, I wonder what they have left up there sleeve , pretty stuck with just Tidal now as most of the other streamers are running PCM as a lossless tier.
  8. Also what advantages does the Tidal MQA files "unfolded" version have over the mastered MQA version as PCM (FLAC) available elsewhere all their special sauce has been built in hasn't it ? It's pretty messed up isn't it ??
  9. Yes, I see 2L on Qobuz as MQA blue dot with the streams, to be honest the stream I tested for Nina Simone was 24/96 so it wouldn't be a true MQA file anyway as it's base rate would be 24/48 in this case so is the conclusion here that we are getting processed MQA master files pre processed in the PCM FLAC file, and what actually is that going to do to the sound quality, as we do not know what the original sounds like anyway.
  10. Interesting, does anyone have a tidal account to see if their is a true mQa version to stream under its master catergory ?
  11. A shocking revelation but it doesn’t surprise me their are quite a few ESS chipset DAC’s that possibly do this, I have a Project S2 ESS DAC which was confirmed by the developer switches out when non MQA sources are sent infact it’s noticeable in the millisecond gap you can here between tracks when they are mixed in playlists
  12. Qobuz does not seem to have any MQA signalling, I tested it yesterday
  13. Just checked the Qobuz stream and no MQA signaling is encountered not a little blue light in sight :-)
  14. Located this image off Amazon UK, it seems to state that its an MQA CD ?
  15. Reaction to an all analogue recording from 1974, my question how is this at all possible it cannot be that much better, (oh we seem to have forgot to include Cassette / 8 track and 7.5ips reel to reel as well as Mini Disc to the list……..sheeesh Quote: “One of the most convincing examples how good MQA streaming on Tidal sounds. This is my all-time-favourite rock album and I own Vinyl, CD, MoFi CD, 24/96 and 24/192 download versions. But the MQA version literally floored me. So much more detail, clarity, slam, silence and soundstage improvement".
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