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  1. Yes I see it as round the Calvary up and create a wall around MQA I hope they allow Q and A sessions for registered participants as it’s going to be a pretty one sided affair if not
  2. the same in the UK, our advertising standards agency would have something to say about it
  3. Interesting I wonder if they will use their ALAC format to keep it in house
  4. I agree they would need to put back all the PCM files that were stripped away with MQA versions for starters, but seen as the MQA ethos is one file for all I cannot see it unless they are having second thoughts about MQA
  5. If you repeat the marketing enough people will believe and follow
  6. Speaking to a few contacts behind the scenes today it seems it’s just marketing errors (good try though) and it’s going to be changed, Tidal are not going to deliver PCM 24bit Hi Res, the Uk advertising standards agency would have fun with it too
  7. More garbage marketing then, I will watch and see what unfolds (no pun intended) 😃
  8. It seems Tidal has gone into meltdown, if they are going to offer 24bit PCM too in the hifi plus package this could be the end of MQA's reign
  9. Very confusing as I have just been given this screen shot is Tidal also going to give us 24bit lossless PCM in the options
  10. I have been following a few Roon community threads in the last few days, jeez I’m seeing some serious censoring going on with deleted posts that attempts to argue against MQA, could desperation be setting in only this morning one thread went from 139 to 105 posts in a matter of hours
  11. Slightly MQA friendly me thinks 🙄
  12. @GoldenOne I see your efforts has got you added to the wiki MQA page
  13. Anyone cozying up for Bob’s fireside chat on Saturday with What Hifi, not me I’ll be too busy watching paint dry unfortunately.
  14. Latest strap line from the company, not sure if this is will wash with the consumers after this weekends video revelation, now 66,000 views and counting.
  15. Many recordings today are developed from multiple digital files sometimes at different bit rates and compressions then pieced together, that’s some amazing system if it can work out the multiple ADC chain from that digital soup
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