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  1. Hi MartinT, Thanks for the hint. According to the manual this should also work with the P12. Karl
  2. Hi frojo I'm glad the LPS is not an issue. I hope it's really just the simultaneous power on via the PS Audio Power Regenerator. Anyway, thanks a lot. Karl
  3. Hi Horst, thank you for your detailed report. You went to a lot of trouble to find the cause! I will reactivate the EtherRegen on the weekend and hope that I will get a good result with your instructions. If I still have questions to your findings I will send you a PN, then we could communicate in German. That would be much easier for me. @ Frojo No, my LPS is from ATL Audio. Whereby I believe that the power supply is not the problem, because there were also these connection problems with the original power supply. Karl
  4. Hi Frojo Currently I am using an LPS, but the problem was with the original power supply before as well. For explanation, if I'm away from the house for several days I switch off the whole system. This is easy to do because all devices are connected to a PS Audio Power Regenerator. When I turn it back on again, the LAN connection to Linn could often not be restored immediately. Then I took the EtherRegen off the power, changed the LAN plugs etc. until the connection was established. But since yesterday the EtherRegen loses the connection to Linn during streaming, this is new
  5. EtherRegen loses LAN connection I have been using EtherRegen for a few months now, but for some time now EtherRegen has been losing its connection to the LAN again and again. This happens since a while also during streaming, very energizing. I have already changed the A and B side, rebooted my main switch, changed the cables and also reinstalled the EtherRegen firmware, unfortunately without success. When I exchange the EtherRegen for the Netgear GS105 the connection to the LAN is immediately restored and everything works as it should. My setting is that from the LAN wall socket a cabl
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