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  1. Hi guys , having some connectivity issues. Left over night with my pi 4 based Ian Canada based system always powered when I try to use MyMPD on my pc or Regelian on IOS , these is no connection. I can still ping the p4 and get a response but in order to use the control software I have to reboot the pi. As part of the fault finding I tried Volumio and Moode and the problem does not exist with them. Any help gratefully accepted.
  2. Hi guys, my usb sig , no longer seems to read any of my sd cards or the emmc module I purchased. When power is applied from the Shanti the green led glows but the red activity led does not. Tried a few different sd cards with the sme result. Do I need to reflash the pi3 firmware via usb and if so can I use the standard pi foundation file or do I have to get one from you? Thanks in advance, Gordon
  3. Hi guys , trying to choose a kernel for my system and AC has suggested one which I am currently running. I would like to know what the suffixes mean : nograph ,eup, rcu etc.
  4. Hi guy's finding the sound of GP and my Allo bridge/Ian Canada setup a bit bright since upgrading to IanC's power supplys from an Allo Shanti psu. What Kernel would folk recommend that has body , neutral treble and good rythmic ability. Hope this isn't a daft question
  5. It is working now. Normally the list disk cifs doesn't show anything but list disk nfs shows the remote server.
  6. There are no entries in the Fstab file that appear to relate to a remote disc , just the sd card and usb storage. Help
  7. I should add that I was using the above data with Moode and it connected to the remote disk.
  8. Trying to mount a remote disk using cifs and keep getting error 22. Disk is lolcated on my win10 pc and I have shared the disc with full permissions using my username and password. Using Allo usb sig as player and latest ver.of GP. Would some kind sole please tell me what options to use :
  9. Hi Antone, I don't have those pages on my router, both the pi and the server are on the same non managed switch and have static routes to the router.
  10. Hi Antone ,I have enabled media sharing on the router. Do I need to change the mount path?
  11. Hi guys. Have been trialing GP for the last few days and am very impressed with the software. Originally I set up GP on my PI4 ,connected a usb hard drive and got a working system. I have now setup an x86 pc with the same usb harddrive and GP running minum server. I can see the music on my bedroom pc running win10 and Jriver but when I try to mount a remote disc on the Pi4 player I am not able to mount the disc , with this being returned : "mount error(111): could not connect to to find suitable address." or this " mount.nfs: rpc.statd is not running but is requi
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