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  1. Hello. Samba service on PC32_64 works only in ST kernel? Thanks.
  2. Thank. But the command: emerge --ask app-cdr/cdrtools Throws an error: emerge: searching for similar names ... nothing similar found. RAMdisk not used
  3. Cdda2wav http://www.cdda2wav.de/
  4. Hello. Could you add a CDDA package to gentooplayer PC? For rip CDs in terminal. I have a large collection of cd. Is it complicated? Thank you.
  5. No, I use the gpio I2s "Pi2Design PI2AES" hat myself. Directly turning on usb dac is very noisy for me. Ethernet is better for me too.
  6. Do you use wi-fi? Is it better for sound quality for you? Many claim that it is in Pi3b+ that the use of 5 GHz wi-fi improves the quality compared to Ethernet. Ethernet is more noisy because of the USB chip. I have not yet found a confirmation for this.
  7. Hello. Thank you for your hard work. It's a great job and a great result. I want to ask you a question. I use two devices. The first is an audio computer as a server. The second is raspberry b3+ as an endpoint. There's a gentooplayer installed everywhere. How do I install samba/nfs server on the first device? Can I do it myself? Thank you very much.
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